Friday, May 18, 2012

Turnout in Republican primary surges past Democratic primary, 3 to 1

The conventional guess is that Democrats are voting in substantial numbers in the Republican primary to influence the outcomes in the local races for sheriff and pct. 3 county commissioner 

Friday May 25 results – final day of early voting: Buda City Hall - (R) 390 (D) 128 ..... Government Center (R) 311  (D) 128

Latest UpdateEarly voting totals through Thursday May 24. (Early voting ends today Friday May 25. We'll post the Friday results as soon as we receive them. Election Day in the Republican and Democratic primaries is Tuesday May 29. Polls will be open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

• Sunday May 20: Government Center (San Marcos) - (R) 29 (D) 2
• Monday May 21: Government Center (R) 83 (D) 31 ...... Kyle City Hall (R) 143 (D) 21
• Tuesday May 22: Dripping Springs ISD Admin Office (R) 227 (D) 54 ...... Government Center (R) 108 (D) 48
• Wednesday May 23: Government Center (R) 112 (D) 51
• Thursday May 24: Government Center (R) 165 (D) 70 ...... Wimberley Community Center (R) 370 (D) 45

Update Monday May 21 – Early voting totals from Friday May 18 & Saturday May 19:
• Wimberley Community Center: Republican primary - 141  Democratic primary - 21
• Buda City Hall: (R) 311 (D) 96
• DSISD Admin Office: (R) 179 (D) 38
• Government Center: (R) 130 (D) 55
• Kyle City Hall: (R) 119 (D) 88
Total: (R) 880 (D) 298 
Total early votes cast as of Saturday May 19: (R) 1,948 (D) 599

Please take the time to vote
( And please vote in the survey at top left column – pass it on. Thanks )

Early voting ends Friday May 25. Election Day is Tuesday May 29. For the complete voting schedule, locations and sample ballots, click on these links for the Republican Primary and the Democratic Primary. For questions, contact Hays County Elections Administrator Joyce Cowan at

After four days of early voting this week in the primary elections, a tally by the Hays County Office of Elections and Voter Registration shows that turnout in the Republican primary is far outpacing votes cast – by more than 3 to 1 – in the Democratic primary.

At the close of voting Thursday May 17, 1,068 votes were cast in the Republican primary at four voting sites, compared to a paltry 301 votes in the Democratic primary. Early voting started on Monday.

Perhaps an indication of the interest in the Republican contests for Precinct 3 County Commissioner (candidates Will Conley & Sam Brannon) and Hays County Sheriff (Gary Cutler & Tommy Ratliff), votes cast Thursday at the Wimberley Community Center were 254 in the Republican primary and 47 in the Democratic primary. Vote totals at the county government center in San Marcos Monday through Thursday stood at 444 Republican and 152 Democrat.

The conventional guess is that Democrats are voting in substantial numbers in the Republican primary to influence the outcomes in the local races for sheriff and pct. 3 commissioner. There are no challengers from the Democratic Party for either office. Under Texas' "open" primary system, voters can vote in either the Democratic or the Republican primary election and can still vote for the candidates of their choice from either party in November.

Early voting resumes Saturday May 19 at the Wimberley Community Center, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Buda City Hall, Kyle City Hall, Dripping Springs ISD administration office and the county elections administration office in San Marcos. 
  Early voting totals through Thursday May 17, per the county elections office

Monday May 14 - county government center (R) 127 / (D) 48 ..... Kyle city hall (R) 177 / (D) 74
Tuesday May 15 - Dripping Springs ISD office (R) 193 / (D) 28 ..... government center (R) 84 / (D) 33
Wednesday May 16 - government center (R) 117 (D) 41
Thursday May 17 - government center (R) 116 / (D) 30 ..... Wimberley community center (R) 254 / (D) 47

In related election campaign news:

Dewhurst resume skips job with Democratic governor | Houston Chronicle (May 18, 2012) – Republican David Dewhurst once worked for a Democratic governor, although his resume does not mention the 1974 experience as a staff member for Texas Gov. Dolph Briscoe. Dewhurst’s U.S. Senate campaign didn’t offer much when asked about the gap in his resume . . . After shaking hands, Schechter said she told Dewhurst: “I just saw in the archives at UT that you worked for Gov. Briscoe. I never knew that.” Dewhurst apparently did not want to discuss it. “He just turned around and walked off,” she said.


Anonymous said...

Voted for Ratliff and Brannon, was anyone else on the Ballot?

Anonymous said...

I also voted for Ratliff and Brannon. Ratliff know how to keep a woman in line and Brannon is fun to party with.

I hope Sam grows his hair back out after he's elected, he looks all official now.

Republican for a Change said...

I voted for Ratliff and Brannon and just for grins, I voted for Buddy Roemer for President.

gone fission said...

Rage Against the Hays County Machine.

Vote out the incumbents.

Go Brannon! said...

I voted for Brannon, Ratliff, and for president, Huntsman.

Anonymous said...

@May 18, 2012: 4:36 PM double dittoes!!!

Anonymous said...

Brannon is some real eye-candy! And there's alot more there than just that pretty face, great smart, astute and totally into working for the people!!

Anonymous said...

C'mon folks! Let's chase the good ole boys outta town: i.e. Conley and Porterfield. Ride 'em out on the proverbial rail!!! They've been what's wrong with this side of Hays County! The backroom deals with AquaTexas, Conley, Porterfield need to come to a screeching halt and some breaths of fresh air brought to the forefront. Two NEW sheriffs need to come to town!

Anonymous said...

I voted today for Brannon. We must rid ourselves of the Willton Conterfield plague.

Anonymous said...

I bet Will would like to grow his hair back. Try some plugs next time you get your hair colored, the color was pretty at the first debate.

Maxx said...

I voted for Ratliff and Brannon who I believe are much more trustworthy, honest, competent and smarter than the incumbents. Also voted for Ron Paul (against 1-percenter vulture capitalist Romney). Dems sure as hell can make a difference by voting in the GOP primary!!

Jess said...


Give Sam a Chance said...

Look, there's really no downside to voting for Sam Brannon for county commissioner.

Maybe he IS an unknown to you. But you sure as heck know what a secretive pawn-of-developers Will Conley is.

Sam will be only ONE voice on a court of 5 people. There's no way he can pass or veto any rules or regs for Hays County without the help of at least 2 other commissioners.

All you have to lose is the dark shadow of Will Player Conley.

Republican for a Change said...

I feel a tsunami of fresh air moving across the Hays County political landscape.

We good Republicans need to talk to our Democrat friends and neighbors and ask their help in this election.

Democrats have nothing to lose voting in this primary, but Will Conley!

Enough already! said...

Conley has cast a wide net with his political taxpayer paid favors. He believes he is accountable ONLY to the special interests who are addicted to government handouts. It will take every one of you sitting on the sidelines to make a difference in this election. Vote for a change. Vote Brannon. You will like him.

Anonymous said...

I crossed over the line to vote for Brannon. Have gotten sick of listening to Conley promise the world TO Porterfield, the West Texas moneymen and AquaTexas. We deserve better than this. Yeah, Sam may be only 1 voice on Commissioners Court but it could very well be the voice of reason not a voice from the shadows of a backroom!!!
Sam has not resorted to the slime the Conley camp mailed out recently; that's what sent me to the Bright Side! Shame on you, Conley!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative, but not very Republican these days because so many Republican office holders aren't very conservative. Mentioning God and waving the flag do not define "conservative" to me.

I'm a Constitutional conservative, a Republican primary voter, and I voted Brannon, Ratliff, Blakely, Boyer, Pittinger, Mack and Paul.

At the local level, I'm against corruption, for quality of life, and for the taxpayers. At the national level, I'm for each of our Divine/Natural Rights, for Constitutionally-limited government and for the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Sam Brannon and Will Conley were interviewed on YNN yesterday.

Anonymous said...

The Brannon Conley race has been fun to watch, I'll be sorry to see it end.

I was wondering if either could than run as an independent in the general election.

The answer is NO because both are affiliated with a political party, but someone else could still get in the race. Anyone you didn't vote in the primary could run and with such low turnout this year there could be some solid candidates who could still run. Past election cycle affiliation does not count, the slate is cleared every 2 years.

So if you don't care for the winner of the primary you can have a second chance at beat beating Brannon or Conley. Here's a copy of the law.

Independent Candidates
(Amended to reflect Federal District Court Order of 3/1/12)

You may have your name placed on the general election ballot as an independent candidate if you are not affiliated with a political party. Tex. Elec. Code Ann. § 1.005(9). If you vote in a party’s primary elections or participate in a party’s conventions, you thereby affiliate with the party. Tex. Elec. Code Ann. §§ 142.008, 162.003, 162.007. To become an independent candidate, you must file a Declaration of Intent to Run as an Independent Candidate, during one of the time periods discussed below, with the county judge (county offices) or the Secretary of State (district and state offices). Tex. Elec. Code Ann. §§ 142.002 & 142.005. After the primary elections, you must collect signatures from registered voters, who support your application for a place on the general election ballot. The signers must be registered voters who have not participated in the general primary election or the runoff primary election of a party that has nominated, at either election, a candidate for the office you seek. Your application and petitions must be filed by the deadline given below with the county judge (county offices) or the Secretary of State (district and state offices). Tex. Elec. Code Ann. § 142.005. Contact the Secretary of State’s office concerning the number of signatures required.

The deadline for filing your Application and petitions is June 29, 2012 (Tex. Elec. Code Ann. § 142.006, filing deadline impacted by NEW LAW, SB 100, 2011 Legislative Session).

Filing as an independent candidate for the office of president of the United States requires no declaration, and the application and petition must be filed by June 29, 2012; see SOS website for additional information for filing for this office.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the May 20, 2012 12:48 AM Anonymous for the election tip. In case the worst happens and Brannon is elected, there will be many REAL AMERICANS that will want to run against him. It will however, be difficult to find a candidate that has not voted in the Republican Primary and automatically become a Republican by doing so. That would eliminate nearly all of the liberal Democrats which would be a good thing.

I proudly voted for Conley and Cutler. I would never vote for anyone who refused to pledge allegiance to our Nation's Flag - sorry Sam.

American said...

My allegiance is to the U.S. NOT to a flag.

My loyalties are all about preserving democracy in the U.S. and I have always found this ritual worship of a piece of cloth to be awkward and insincere....and totally forced by peer pressure in meetings, schools, etc. Reminds me of Nazis saluting Hitler or people bowing to kings.

Free people should have a choice in such matters and that tirade in Commissioners Court some time back by Constable Kohler (against Sam Brannon), was a travesty by an elected official who wields real power over citizens. This law enforcement officer essentially said he didn't consider a person who didn't follow the custom of pledging allegiance to the flag to not be a real citizen, not an American in his eyes. This is dangerous territory for a cop to tread and could lead to his treating someone with prejudice in the commissioner of his duty.

My not being comfortable with the ritual of essentially praying to a flag (and nowadays, people are doing the same thing to the TEXAS flag, at least in Hays County) does not make me any less an American. I do it, because "everyone" just does it, but I don't feel good about it and never did.

I work daily towards making this country, this state, a better place to live, and that is far better than vowing "allegiance" to symbol.

Just so you know, I am NOT Sam Brannon, I am just another citizen who thinks that my allegiance is in my heart, not in some forced public behavior.

The Shadows Know said...

For May 18 & 19 early voting in Wimberley alone, the ratio of Republican primary voters to Democrat primary voters was almost 7 to 1 (141 to 21 votes).

That doesn't look very rosy for Mr. CONman. It shows that lots of Dems are crossing over to vote in the Republican primary, against CONman.

Start watching for the light in the Courthouse window late at night, as CONman shreds his papers.

jas said...

Conley the Con Man better not leave that paper trail out in the open for Brannon to find and disclose to the public. Now, of course, he may also have to snuff out a few of the witnesses to keep them quiet.

Changes in administration are always so messy.

Lisa Marie Coppoletta said...

that's my photo!!!

LM Coppoletta

Anonymous said...

I just found this... very interesting.

It seems Mr. Brannon has been a taxpayer advocate for at least 20 months, and he appears to know what he's talking about.

At the time this video was made, Mr. Conley was trying to raise his own pay again. It sounds like Mr. Brannon stopped it from happening.

Mr. Brannon also organized the opposition to the tax rate increase. That saved the taxpayers about $1 million.

Mr. Brannon earned our vote a long time ago.

Money Matters said...

Think about the $80,000 a year that Conley draws from salary and car allowance and think about the fact that we've been paying him for 8 years.

Now think about him want another 4 years of being in your pocket. Think about all of that and maybe you'll conclude what I did ---- that we are in danger of making a million dollar mistake if we give Conley another term.

Don't make a million dollar mistake. Vote for Brannon.

Anonymous said...

Conley actually made it clear long before Brannon ever showed up that he was opposed to tax rate increase during that budget cycle. Plus he laid out details. You folks need to get a life or at least your facts straight

Anonymous said...

Dear voters
I came home to find a mailing in my stack of mail that says Sam Brannon "was banned from a local church...was banned from attending a local church for disruptive and deceitful behavior. The church's pastor has publicly called Brannon a 'wolf in sheep's clothing.'" (San Marcos Mercury, May 4, 2012).

If I were you and others, I would want to know WHY Sam, who was welcomed into the church with open arms as a person and assimilated and integrated into the life of the church rather quickly as he was charming and personable and seemed caring...WHY would a pastor ASK him to leave the church? WHY? Please read my answer below.

1. Sam was aggressively asking members of my church to borrow significant sums of money when he had no job and was supposedly running for U.S. Congress. Some members, after asking him politely to not come on their property anymore after they refused to loan him money, then seriously considered obtaining a restraining order from the courts to keep Sam from harassing church members and family members. Members told me "I will quit attending this church if Sam continues to come and ask me and others for money." Sam was begging, pleading, harassing, and even suggesting to people that they SHOULD give him money to "return to Turkey." Some citizens in Hays County are considering filing in the courts for a restraining order against SB coming onto their property during this election season...because he keeps coming back onto properties owned by some just to "talk" and to try and persuade folks to vote for him and to put back up Sam Brannon signs that they have taken down.

2. Some members of my church (names will be withheld for obvious reasons but these people are willing to talk if necessary to confirm this statement) told me "I am terrified of attending church anymore due to Sam's presence and his private and frightening threats of what he is willing to do if he can not get government leaders to listen to his answers and suggestions."

3. Some members of my church were very uncomfortable with Sam's threatening presence each Sunday as they dreaded his asking them for large sums of money.

4. He did not have a job at the time and could give no one a reasonable answer as to how he was going to pay people back the large sums of money he was insisting that some church members loan him. Elderly folks and younger folks were equally uncomfortable with being pressured for money at church from a relatively newcomer. It got very awkward very quickly.

5. One person in my church located nude photos of Sam on the internet and told me, "Why do we let a man, whom we have welcomed into our church, run for public office after we find out he is a pervert and has nude photos and has very crude poetry on his travel blog?" (His poetry includes lines to a woman "and then let's swap poop." Very ill language and photos.

6. He got very angry at members of the church when they would not loan him large sums of money. Very angry. So angry it terrified some members.

The church IS a place for the sick and unhealthy...I know that. I have been a pastor for over 35 years. I know that the church is to be a place where we welcome the unstable and try to help them. This has been a most difficult decision in my ministry, this decision to only tell a part of what dangers I know about Sam Brannon. Trust me, I have not told you or the public the worst of what I know.

Many have thanked me for having the courage as a pastor to tell the truth about who SB is...he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Others of you have been very uncomfortable about my speaking out. I fully understand your discomfort and your disagreement with my decision. I respect that. Please respect my decision to speak out to warn you and others of what I have seen first-hand about SB.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:01

You wouldnt know a fact if it slapped you in the face, nimrod.

He's Lying By Omission Again said...

To Anon, May 23, 1:01 p.m.--

You've swallowed the bait Conley throws out: that he opposes tax rate increases.

Perhaps he does oppose out-in-the-open tax cuts, but he's never met any other sort of debt instrument that he didn't embrace.

How many time does this situation have to be repeated before the truth of it seeps into your brain?:

1. Conley says the County has "a balanced budget."

2. A balanced budget merely means that a person or a county is able to pay the minimum monthly payment on his/its debt. Like paying $100 per month on a $6,000 credit card debt.

3. The way the county is able to keep going is by borrowing more money all the time (mainly through issuing bonds and pass-through road financing).

4. Every year the county has to spend more and more of its income (revenue) on just the interest on the bonds, and a small amount toward the principal. That means other areas of the county budget have to be cut.

5. In short, Conley & Co. have managed to make Hays County the sixth-most indebted county, per person, in the whole state.

So, yes, TECHNICALLY Conley is telling the truth when he says he hasn't voted for a county tax increase, but 1)he is causing the DEBT of the county to escalate at an alarming rate, and 2) he knew the tax bills would pass Commissioners Court without his vote, and so he let his fellow Commissioners Court members look like the bad guys voting yes, while he coyly voted no.

"SOME PIG!" as Charlotte's Web said.

Anonymous said...

To the "Pastor"? at 3:12pm:

Your post is disturbing to say the least. May I suggest you seek psychiatric help immediately.

Horrified at the gossipy pastor said...

Hey, Pastor, got any more lurid tales to tell on your parishioners?

Well, there went pastoral confidentiality. And I might add, this same church was also Bert Cobb's church.

That was the most blatant violation of a church official towards a church member I have ever seen. Anonymously, on a blog, in the middle of a heated election.

You should be ashamed of yourself and I hope none of your members ever lets you know anything about their private life ever again.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who claims to be a man of God and writes a post like this - even IF it were true - can not be trusted in the least. It calls everything said into question.

If you are indeed a pastor then you demean yourself, your church members and your God.

You're a sick man, anonymous pastor. A very sick man.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Gary,

I thought you had said everything you needed to say on the Mercury. It appears you have more gossip to spread.

Because of your rants I voted for SAM! Halelujah! Praise the Lord.

In Christ

Anonymous said...

I like the way this "Occupy the Roundup" mob attacks the preacher rather than their unstable hippie candidate. I can backup the preacher's statements since Brannon nearly drove me crazy several weeks ago, trying to get money and support from me. I listened intently to his diatribe against Conley until I could take no more and told him that I would not vote for him and to leave me alone. He would not relent until I threatened to file charges. He is a certified nut! Ask anyone on the Commissioners Court; they have seen him in action.

Anonymous said...

It's crystal clear to me that this "Pastor" is mentally ill and is an attention seeker. His claims are completely outrageous and implausible. He needs to seek counseling and get his heart and house in order.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Brannon needs a restraining order against "Rev." Gary. The Rev is unstable and has been cyber-stalking Brannon for weeks now.

Anonymous said...

A pastor with so much vengeance in his heart and soul has no business being a pastor. Let God do His work, and let go, pastor man. The rest of you gutter dwellers, go back to your corners and clean yourselves up. Stop the dirty fighting, please. Give peace a chance. And may everyone cast their votes in GOOD CONSCIENCE.

Nutball Patrol said...

Well now, let's consider a few more of Pastor Gary's words ---- This time words taken from one of his own postings on another venue. The post concerns events surrounding his demise as the minister of another church earlier in his career.

According to Pastor Gary, folks at his church were getting a little upset at his style of preaching (for example his crying in the pulpit while preaching). As a result, an evening of "venting" was scheduled. The "venting" was an opportunity for church members to tell Pastor Gary what was on their minds as far as the job he was doing. Here are Pastor Gary's own words about what took place at the venting:

"Outcome of that night? Nearly 120, half of the active church membership) resigned over the next weeks following the February 14, 2005 Church Venting Evening (now infamously referred to by many in the community as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.) I told my wife on March 7 (three weeks later) “My fun factor is at zero. I am resigning from the church.” I did.

People that resigned prior to my resignation included a judge, attorneys, doctors, professors, teachers, business men and women, wives, husbands, youth, and even the 90-year old lady whose grandfather started the church."

Now that may be some sort of record ---- half the membership bailed on Pastor Gary. Is there some reason we should pay any attention to this crackpot?

Nutball Patrol said...

I forgot to include the link to Pastor Gary's post. The entire article is a little lengthy, but here's the link:

Just wondering said...

A friend tipped me off that I should call Commissioner Conley's Wimberley office, 847-3159, to see if his secretary was at work today. I called and got a recording. Apparently his secretary was not at the office but she sure was working Conley's campaign tent in front of the community center during early voting. I hope she's not doing work for her boss's campaign on county time. That's a big no-no. I guess the next question would be - can the county human resources dept confirm that she called in sick or took a day of leave?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they can. File an FOI request for her time sheet.

What i dont understand with everyone on this blog is why you gripe about Conley wasting so much taxpayer money and replacing him with SB while supporting Ratliff at the same time. He was the biggest waster of taxpayer money there was. He spent our money in Guadalupe county paying them to house our prisoners because he refused to fix the jail. Why did he refuse to fix the jail and call in inspectors knowing it would fail? Because he wants us taxpayers to build him a new $60 million jail. One that btw would be about as big as his ego.

Speaking of wasting taxpayer money, how about the $40,000 tricked out truck he bought himself while sheriff the last time? Really? Why can't he drive a $20K car like the rest of the Deputies? How about a small jeep like Sheriff Cutler?

If you folks are mad about the wasting of our money, dont go vote for Ratliff. Cutler is far more fisically conservative than Ratliff and has already stopped the bleeding of spending Ratliff started.

And in case you need more reasons, do a little digging on the other websites and read all the internal DPS investigations about Ratliff and him assaulting his wife. And the best is him lying about it when asked in the last election.

Anonymous said...

Conley's secretary is 'working' alright. After hours, in the undeveloped lots in Wimberley in Conley's truck. Hope she gets a decent bonus for that type of overtime.

Anonymous said...

The same goes for Gary Cutler. His command staff has been out at the polls all week!

What goes around comes around said...

Big 10-4, Nutball Patrol, thanks for the link. I read the entire post by Rev. Gary L. Smith, the pastor at Christ the Redeemer Church in San Marcos. I believe you are the same guy that's been trying to crucify Sam Brannon. One Heckuva Job Pastor Gary! Loved that line describing members of your own congregation as "The desperate leaders of the mob." I'll pray to the Good Lord and Shepard that He cures you of your victim complex and that you stop attacking other innocent people. Peace Out

Anonymous said...

Trust me that Cutlers command staff are out there on their own time. They are smarter than that. If they chose to use their vacation time and comp time supporting someone they believe in so be it. That is their right.

It is hard to believe we are even having the discusson about Ratliff in this race. He was a R one year, a D another year and now a R again. Make up your mind or just go with how the wind is blowing. His 1.5 years as the democrat appointed sheriff was a disaster. Spent millions he did not need to spend, hired a cop who had been arrested for TAMPERING WITH EVIDENCE to run his EVIDENCE ROOM, and ruined relationships with every other agency in the county. He lies when the truth sounds better. People in the law enforcement community just cannot believe people are actually going to vote for this guy. Does the "ranger" thing have everyone seduced? Here is a super secret I will let everyone in on. Texas Rangers are nothing more than a detective who works regular crimes. Thats it! No management experience, no supervisor experience, no budget experience, no leadership experience, no jail management experience, no nothing. Didnt even supervise a secretary. And now you all wonder why the first time he was appointed it was such a disaster. He was probably a good detective that could work a criminal case, but that is it.

Think of it this way. They guy or gal who makes your sandwich at subway is pretty good at making sandwiches. One day the big boss comes in says you are good at making sandwiches so you are now in charge of 30 stores with over 300 employees and an annual budget of over $8 million. Good luck!

If you are going to manage and supervise people you really should have some type of experience or at least training to that job. Being a texas ranger does not automatically qualify someone to be sheriff especially someone with Ratliffs questionable background and history of internal investigations.

Anonymous said...

Preachers have problems, too.

Sometimes big ones.

jas said...

If these incumbents' employees are being used to re-elect their bosses, during work hours, then we are being robbed blind.

I would like the whole truth on this one, can I get a witness?

Dems lose said...

Conley is winning, the democrats are not coming over in enough numbers to affect the outcome. Brannon is getting the UN21 crazy crowd and the far left bomb throwers. Will is cleaning up with the rank and file republicans, Brannon will lose.

Cutler is way up b/c Kyle and Buda have to vote for their boy Lord Doggeit. Sorry LIBS you lose again. Look at the voting, it's easy to see.

Anonymous said...

YUCK. Conley has to pay people to be his friend. That's so gross.

If he's using taxpayer money, that's even more gross.

Anonymous said...

Please let's all not be bamboozled by Gary Smith, who is known for causing rifts and dissent among otherwise intelligent people. He's a charlatan. Focus on the issues Brannon has raised that are important to Hays County's future. We need transparency, we've had enough waste and contempt thrown at us by the encumbent. Brannon makes sense.

Anonymous said...

JAS what is so hard to understand? Employees have vacation time and comp time they must take or give it back. If they want to go fishing, hunting, backpacking or on a cruise they have the right to do that. If they want to stand out on the side of a roadway and hold a sign for the candidate of their choice, they can do that as well.

Is this really that hard to understand? Now I am starting to see why you are supporting SB and Ratliff....not real smart, are you?

Anonymous said...

Dems Lose, Will's latest mailer (in the bright yellow envelope) is crowing to BEWARE THE DEMOCRATS ARE VOTING! Really, Will, you're desperate.

jas said...

I am sorry, but when a county employee, especially one who works for an elected official, is staffing a political booth at a polling place FOR that official during working hours, it may be technically okay, but it sure looks bad.

This is a sensitive topic and one would think that the elected official in question would counsel their staff not to be out in public, during working hours, politicking for his re-election.

This is precisely why the State of Texas has/had rules against this exact kind of behavior. That and using state offices/phones/equipment for running political campaigns. This is one of those those clear advantages of being the incumbent. One of many.

It is just too easy to slide into very questionable ethical behavior.

Davis Delacroix said...

Democrats are voting? Really. You mean Democrats are citizens, too?

This election season, the only choice we have in Hays County is Republican candidates, so it makes sense that this is the primary everyone would naturally want to vote in.

This is one consequence of a party having complete control of the nominating process. Lends itself to unintentional bipartisanship.

Sorry, people, but like many Republicans, many Democrats do not want to see four more years of Will Conley. This has nothing to do with political ideologies like in Congress, this is all local issues.

These races should not even BE separated by party affiliation. What is Democrat or Republican about what County Commissioner does?

Anonymous said...

Regarding neon yellow flyer that appeared in mailboxes yesterday totally disses Democrats who are part of Conley constituency! Radical?! Just who does this guy think he represents? I assumed it
was supposed to be ALL residents in Precinct 3!??

Anonymous said...

Agree. Of course Democrats should vote! It's everyone's stake in the commissioner's court.

Vote for transparency! said...

Agree 2x. Democrats who support and desire transparency in government have a very rare opportunity and large stake in the Precinct 2 Commissioner race (Conley v. Brannon). Local is where it's at, folks. Conley is the anti-transparency incumbent, has been for 8 years. I voted Brannon only for a hope for open government, open meetings and open dealings.

Anonymous said...

I am a constituent of Mr. Conley's who happens to vote for the person rather than the party.

I apparently am not considered a Republican as I did not receive the bright yellow letter so many people are so upset about. It seems to me it is not a good idea to vote for someone who denigrates the very people he is hired to represent just because they are not a republican. Most of the republicans I know in Precinct 3 are disgusted with this 'yellow journalistic' approach to communicating with his base.

From what I hear on the street this yellow letter was the
scale-tipper for many and they will now cast a vote for Brannon.

Watching n waiting said...

Wow! Those latest numbers must mean Dems are crossing over to vote in the Repub primary in droves. Look at Kyle and look at Wimberley, specially Kyle which is heavy with Dems! Conley and Cutler, watch out.

Anonymous said...

Voting for the person instead of the party is a smart move. Those who vote for the "party" are little more than herd animals.

Anonymous said...

At the very least, Commissioner Conley should answer the charges leveled against his secretary on this blog.

What kind of man does not come to the defense of his secretary whose character has been assaulted here?

What a coward.

Anonymous said...

Will is smart enough not to read this trash so he would not know what some of you ignorant fools are typing. Stick to facts and issues and we will all be a little better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, Will

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
'Will is smart enough not to read this trash so he would not know what some of you ignorant fools are typing. Stick to facts and issues and we will all be a little better.'

Conley and his apologists simply cannot stop themselves from hurling insults.

Snow White said...

You mean the facts according to Conley? No thanks. The only issue he understands is spending the taxpayers' money to enrich himself and his special interest cronies. He is evasive divisive and a two timer. He needs to be voted out of office. Let's be done with it.

Anonymous said...

Snow White for a second I thought you were describing Ratliff. Oh wait, you are. You just think WC is the biggest waster of taxpayer money. Look at Ratliff's history. At least we get roads and a fancy building with Will's spending. What did we get for the $1 million Ratliff blew? Nothing! Just a different bed and building for our inmates to sleep in at the Guadualpe County jail. And lets not forget the $40K truck with leather seats he bought. Nice!! With our money!

Jasper, come in here right now! said...

So, let me get this straight. If we are not for Conley, we are "ignorant fools?"

I just wanted to make sure I understood.

Okay, move along, nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Jasper, come in here right now: no,not at all. But there is plenty of ignorance posted on here that has nothing to do with facts...and most of it posted by people opposing WC. So if the shoe fits.....

Anonymous said...

@ Davis Delacroix...

yes, AND Will was the primary player (no pun intended) the re-districting committee that made Pct. 3 more heavily Republican.

since he's responsible for marginalizing the Democratic voters in Pct. 3, they are certainly entitled to take part in the Republican primary.

Anonymous said...

Conley 59% Brannon 41%

That is all

Anonymous said...

WC: please tell us something more about Sara Dishman-appointed to the Jacob's Well Stakeholders Group. Cannot find where she resides anywhere near Well neighborhood. Have never heard anything about her, her qualifications for this position?
What do you owe her? More non-transparency!

nattering nabob said...

Yes, that whole Sara Dishman appointment stinks to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

Conley 59 %= Brannon 41 %

HAHAHAHA !Says you !

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous, check your facts the 40k truck ratilff bought was with discrectionary funds(that is siezed money) the current vehicle cutler drives was supposed to go to community outreach(cutler had a charger but did not like it)this GRAND CHEROKEE jeep was purchased with TAXPAYER DOLLARS. oh, by the way the 40k truck still belongs to the so and is being used daily

Anonymous said...

Oh my bad about the $40K truck. I thought it was money that could be used for the troops like bullet proof vests, training, better equipment, etc. I did not realize the seized asset account was Ratliff's slush account to spend on expensive pimped-out trucks with leather seats. Now his insistence on bringing back the interdiction unit makes all the sense! He needs to fill up his slush account again. Too bad it will come at the expense of our neighborhoods and crime rates will sky rocket when he pulls Deputies from the streets to search for money on the interstate so he can buy another pimp truck.

As for Cutler's vehicle it sounds like what you are saying is that it was a budgeted vehicle for department use and he switched it with another division? Correct? Where is the problem? How much was it? I would almost bet you that the charger and the jeep together did not cost as much as Ratliff's truck. Cutler may have used some of the $1 million he saved by not sending inmates to Gaudalupe County to buy vehicles for Deputies to drive.

And yes I know it is being used daily. It would have to go to auction to get rid of it and someone who actually works ought to use it.

Goodnight, John Boy said...

I just read that offensive mailer sent out by Will Conley attacking his constituents, who just happen to be Democrats. This is blatantly prejudicial and not befitting a man who is supposed to be representing all the citizens, not just those in his own party.

This is just one more reason to vote this man out of office. He does not consider citizens in his precinct who usually vote for Democratic candidates to be free to vote in this election and his campaign literature calls them some very nasty names.

Conley's sense of respect and fairness towards his Democratic constituents is totally lacking. How can this man claim to represent Precinct 3, ALL of Precinct 3, with an attitude like this?

Will doesn't want me to vote said...

Does Conley's attitude mean that I have no business asking him a question or appearing before Commissioners' Court because I usually vote for Democratic candidates? Conley is clearly a "my way or the highway" sort of guy and hardly worthy of the "public servant" label.

Not buyin' the lies said...

Conley clearly does not consider you a real citizen, with the right to vote, unless you have already proven your worthiness by voting in a previous Republican primary, given money in the past to a Republican candidate or having joined a Republican group.

This is an outrage. It is an attack, not on his opponent, Sam Brannon, but on the electorate itself. He is attacking almost half the people of his own precinct and accusing hundred of local citizens, The Wimberley Democrats of being "radicals" and "liberals who despise traditional values" and of "sabotage".

He is also, wrongly, accusing Sam Brannon of being a liberal candidate.

Will Conley is confusing the issues here. People are not supporting Brannon because he is a liberal (he is not a liberal), but because they are sick and tired of Conley's backroom deals with developers and road contractors, the rising County debt and his overall arrogance as our representative.

Sam offers a chance for open and honest government, and he is not owned and operated by outside developers who merely see Wimberley and Woodcreek as places to pillage and plunder for profit.

Will Conley is attacking his own constituents, not only Democrats, but Independents and Republicans who do not support him. This is the act of a desperate man, who, if he does win (and heaven help us all if this happens again) has shown he has zero respect for those of us who are not his brand of Republican.

Anonymous said...

Shake his hand, then vote for Sam.

Just as there are good and bad Republicans, there are good and bad Democrats. This is more a race between special interests and people.

And since there are more people than special interests, I predict Sam wins and we all feel good about it (except for the special interests).

Let's do our part to make that happens. It will feel better than 4 years of regrets!

Anonymous said...

A vote for Conley constitutes a vote for further intrusion by Winton Porterfield and the Midland-Odessa oil men (who really run the West side of Hays County); puppet masters. They go hand-in-glove as Conley and Porterfield grew up together and Porterfield is employed by Mike Black, an oil/gas engineer, investor and Charles Ray both of Midland, TX. There IS a connection and I'm not sure we need to have that TYPE of connection here in Precinct 3. Seems very open for gaining power and mixing politics via deep pockets.

Anonymous said...

My goodness this blog is out of touch!

Anonymous said...

Chirp, chirp SB and Rat supporters.....

That is what you call a good ole fashion spankin!

Where will SB go next? I'm betting the Houston area. I only hope some of you follow him and move on down the road.