Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Conley claims no property, no business interests in official documents with Ethics Commission

"I recently learned that I was late in filing my Personal Financial Statement for my appointment to the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission by a month . . . I would like to make an appeal to the Commission to waive any civil fees for this instance."
– From Conley's May 2010 letter to the Texas Ethics Commission 

Commissioner Conley
Note: Pct. 3 Commissioner Will Conley ("William Player Conley" in his official filing with the Texas Ethics Commission-2010, account #65990) did receive a waiver for a penalty fee for his late-filing. The Ethics Commission has the discretion to grant waivers to first time offenders. But it is strange that in his 2010 and 2011 personal financial filings with the state, following his appointment to the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, Conley checked the "Not Applicable" box for every category of personal or family ownership or interest in property, business, etc. (The Texas Ethics Commission also has the authority to fine an officeholder up to $5,000 for each incident of false filing.) So what gives? Does Conley own any business or property in Hays County or not? And now we are learning that Commissioner Conley – currently in the race of his political life for re-election to a third term – has missed the April 30 deadline for his 2012 personal financial statement to the county, and has instead requested a delay. That would be a strike two in failing to meet important filing deadlines. The delay will extend past the May 29 primary election. There may be good reason, but as a public official whose first priority should be the public trust, Mr. Conley's delayed filing of his financial statement so close to election time does not smell good. Unfortunately, voters are left in a lurch and can only guess about his motives.

Send your comments and questions to, Mr. Conley at or click on the "comments" at the bottom of the post. As always, we welcome a response or comment from Mr. Conley or his campaign
RoundUp Commentary

Commissioner Conley claims he owns a home and property in Wimberley, and owns a business in San Marcos. He has the same sort of message on his re-election website with his claim of being a San Marcos business owner and President of Conley Enterprises.

But is any of that true?

Official documents tell a very different story. In fact, the sets of documents are so contradictory that one is left asking whether Conley is a penniless drifter or just trying to hide something from the public.

Statement filed by Conley with TEC, May 2010
The case that he doesn’t really have any assets is found in some of Conley’s own statements. According to two sworn Personal Financial Statements filed with the Texas Ethics Commission, Conley swears he does not own a home, property, business, stocks, checking or saving account, mutual funds, bonds or dividends. He receives no income from rentals, trusts or has any assets with any business associations. He also has no liabilities, no loans on his business, home, property or cars.

On the other hand, there are numerous public documents that attest to some of Conley’s holdings, even though he makes sworn statements to the contrary. For example, Appraisal District records reflect Conley as the owner of two lots on in the Saddle Ridge area valued over $64,000 and a home in the Mountain Crest area valued over $254,000. Conley Enterprises own property on Thorpe Lane in San Marcos valued over $1,308,000 and owns property on FM2770 in Kyle valued over $500,000.

The smart money says that the appraisal records are accurate reflections of part of Conley’s assets and the two sworn statements before the Texas Ethics Commission are just the most recent examples of Conley’s willingness to lie, if necessary, to hide the truth from the public.  As yet another recent example, Conley elected to miss the April 30th deadline for filing his Personal Financial Statement with the County. Instead he decided to delay his filing until after the primaries — after your vote.


Anonymous said...

What else do you expect from a guy whose middle name is "Player"?

Conley Car Wash
("Conley Car Wash, Detail & Express Lube is locally owned and operated by William Conley and Mark Ray in San Marcos, Texas. Conley opened our doors for business on November 29, 2001 to become the only full service establishment in Hays County.")


6150 FM 2770, KYLE, TX 78640 KYLE 78640




Look at address given for Conley after clicking on "Officers and Directors Information" button on the link below.
Texas Comptroller's Office re Conley Enterprises, Inc.

Anonymous said...

The only story here is that he was late on filing, nothing more. The fact is he doesn't personally own any businesses or property because they are most likely owned by either an LLC or a trust. Therefore by law he doesn't have to claim them as personal property the trust or LLC has too. The state didn't appoint an LLC or Trust to serve, but an individual. Most business owners operate this way because it offers a tax advantage and cuts out personal liability. This is stuff taught in business 101, cut personal risk and liability.

Anonymous said...

No, the story here is that he claims no "business interest" or "stock holdings".

View the document.

1) If Conley has any ownership stake in Conley Enterprises, he would have to claim it under business interests.

2) The Hays CAD lists Conley's home as owned by William Player and Erin Conley. He claimed "No Real Property Interest" on both of his filings.

He's either been lying about being a property owner and taxpayer, and about being a business owner, or... He committed perjury on a sworn disclosure document with the State of Texas.

Creek. No paddle.

No vote, either.

Anonymous said...

I cannot stand the fact that this man represents my Precinct. This is just awful to have someone like him sitting on the Court making life decisions for us. It's really sad. It makes us all seem corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Hey May 8, 2012 4:28 PM:

Actually the story says something else and so has Conley and that IS the story.

The first sentence on the web page for the "Conley Car Wash" says it is locally owned and operated by William Conley and Mark Ray. Doesn't say owned by an LLC or corporation.

So is he lying there or is he lying now to the TEC?

How about the house and other property? Do the deeds identify Conley as an OWNER or do the deeds identify an LLC or corporation as an owner? You can't homestead a property owned by an LLC or corporation. The house has a homestead exemption on it.

So is he lying to the tax assessor with respect to the HS exemption on the house or was he lying to the TEC when he said he didn't own the property?

"Lying" might be a little strong. Unquestionably, the disclosures are inconsistent with the statements he has made elsewhere. The question is why is he making inconsistent statements?

Anonymous said...

When your appointees and friends are felons, you gradually take on their way of doing things. What else should we expect from Conley?

Little rascals said...

Well, if Conley is blatantly lying to the ethics commission or evading disclosure of information shouldn't there be a complaint filed with the commission to get to the bottom of things? Clearly, he owns a business and property. I doubt that LLC status automatically allows elected officials to hide their financial interests from the public. And btw what could possibly be his reason for delaying his financial filing with the county except to hide something? How hard can it be to fill out the paperwork. If he's lying to the ethics commission, makes you wonder what his IRS returns look like.

Anonymous said...

Looks like now we have two drifters running for precinct 3 commissioner. May the best drifter win!

Pictures Worth 1000 Words said...

Watch the 9 1/2-minute video of Sam Brannon and Will Conley at Monday night's San Marcos LWV forum. It's posted at There's a link on the left side of the home page, under "In the Mix."

A video for the sheriff's race is there, too.

DeweyCheatum&Howe LLC said...

The detestable thing about Mr. Conley is that the voters and taxpayers are always left holding the bag (tax, debt and spend) and having to guess what his motives are. There isn't anything transparent or plain honest about him. Will "The Player" indeed! Isn't it time the voters put an end to his pathological game of hide and seek?

Anonymous said...

Financial statements filed by Will Conley to the Texas Ethics Commission in March of 2011 show that he is "employed by Conley Enterprises, 1200 Thorpe Lane, San Marcos, TX. Will Conley is NOT A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER, as he so freely tells his constituency, because he reports no ownership equity. Is it possible that Will Conley did not make accurate disclosures to the Texas Commission?

Anonymous said...

I need make certain that I understand this. We pay Slick Willie around $80K a year to hold office. He's been in office for what? Nearly 8 years is it? Well, let's see. That's more than $600,000 and he can't fill out forms the right way or he can't get them in on time????? Are you kidding me?????

Jasper, come in here right now! said...

Get rid of Conley.

It was only a matter of time before his criminal behavior began to surface.

I suspect this is just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until his business dealings with Winton Porterfield and the road companies comes to the fore. Let's hope he is out of office by then, so the taxpayers won't be out of a representative while Will is in jail.

I am sure Mike Moeller can give him some pointers about how to behave.

Anonymous said...

And he has a full time secretary that's paid by the county. And he still can't get his paper work done on time. Kick

Anonymous said...

The Conley, Porterfield, Road dept and their minions are at it again. Have you seen what they let Aqua Texas do to the roads in Woodcreek North? You can not drive on them without shaking a filling loose and all they want to do is try to take over more sections in the WPOA by coercion. Where is Conley when we asked for help getting Aqua to fix the roads? I don't know he won't return calls. Porterfield could care less about our roads. He has his minions going door to door telling us how much better he is than the WPOA.
PUT your MONEY where your mouth is Porterfield. Get our roads fixed and we will talk to you. We do not care about pools and clubhouses when we can't get out of our driveways. If you can't do anything then shut up and let the WPOA do what they do best. Fix our roads and advocate for the property owners. So far they are the only ones who seem to care a whit about the property owners. They are out walking the roads and "fighting county hall" i.e. Conley and the road dept to get our roads fixed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, May 10, 8:29a.m.:

Cosign. X2. 2nd that. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Hey WPOA minion who blogged May 10, 2012 8:29 AM, how many roads have you repaired this year? That's what I thought "ZERO". You're Banking your road money for the lawsuits you have filed against your own members and WSP/WSCA, it seems.

Not buyin' the lies said...

Would somebody please ask Will Conley why he thought he had the authority to spend over $130K building that monstrous stone entryway into the Saddleridge subdivision, where he owns two lots and plans to live someday?

This is an outrageous abuse of public money for private benefit and a clear conflict of interest for him to have proposed or allowed this to occur.

How does a fancy entryway into Saddleridge benefit the taxpayers who paid for it?

When Conley votes to use your tax money for things like this overblown, private entryway, who benefits?

When Conley colludes with Winton Porterfield to support development in Woodcreek, who benefits?

When Conley votes at the Court and on CAMPO to build big roads in Hays County, who benefits?

How much longer can we tolerate Conley buying votes with public money?

Follow the money.

Follow the silence.

Follow the complicity.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous May 11 2:23pm

I don't know how many roads the WPOA has repaired in the entire subdivision but I personally know of at least 10 roads that have been repaired since Jan. They have done a good job on each one.

Believe me I do not want to go with WSCA. One of the main reasons is there is no guarantee that my property maintenance fees will stay at $120 a year. I know he promises they will be grandfathered in at $120 but what happens when I try to sell my home in a couple of years? At least with the WPOA I can assure the prospective buyer that the fees will not go up unless the property owners approve of an increase. In the WSCA the fees can be raised whenever the developer wants to and for whatever amount he wants to raise it to. I read that in the lengthy deed restrictions the the WSCA put on line and gave to a friend in section 11.

Anonymous said...

you almost had me voting for sb. i wondered why the gaphic didnt show all of the form and the instructions that were abbreviated at its top. being a business owner myself, i began to wonder how I would fill out the form. so, i went to the detailed instructions. here is what i found-----the form requires that you claim new interests in real property etc that has occurred over the PAST CALENDAR YEAR. CONLEY FILLED OUT THE PAPERWORK CORRECTLY! People, NEVER trust this blog's editor nor the people who blindly follow its posters

Anonymous said...

To Anon May 12, 12:28 PM--

Conley didn't even fill out the FIRST financial statement thoroughly, and so if he continued to write "Not Applicable" all over the financial statements for the years that followed, he was merely compounding his lies!

THINK ABOUT what you rant over before you commence your rant, Bubba.

For Equal Property Taxes said...

Protesting the Hays Central Appraisal District's appraisal on your property is not difficult nor intimidating. You can print out the very short form for protesting at
You can fill out the form online, then print out 2 copies - 1 for you to keep and one to mail to HaysCAD. HaysCAD will notify you what to do next.

Remember to go to and check the appraisal of homes or lots near you to see that they
are valued the same for the same properties. In Woodcreek North and Wimberley Springs, for example, the nearby (even next door!) lots owned by the developer (WSP) will be appraised lower than yours.

On the online form there are several reasons you can check for making the protest. I'm checking both 1)value on mine is too high and 2)valued unequally. You can check as many boxes as apply.

The tax appraisal you received in the mail probably was mailed on May 1, and so you have until May 31 to get your protest in.

The "R" number on your appraisal sheet is the "Account Number." You can use your "R" number to find what neighbor properties are appraised at. For example, if your
house or lot has R51234 as its account number, look at R51233 and R51235 to see how they are valued. And look at other R numbers near you.

Good luck!

The Shadows Know said...

Late at night on May 29 -- after Will CONman has learned that Sam Brannon will be the new Commissioner for Pct. 3 -- look up to the window of CONman's office in the Courthouse. You'll see a faint light on while he works with his paper shredder to destroy anything he might not want to see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

As expected, discussion of the master plan for Jacob's Well Natural Area is not on the Commissioners Court agenda for May 15, either.

Many have predicted that Conley won't let this matter be publicly discussed until after the May 29 primary which will determine whether he will remain in office as
commissioner for precinct 3.

When will this cowardly man ever face our questions?

Anonymous said...

To those counting on Conley to lead the JWNA plan into being... DO NOT vote for him UNLESS he gets it passed first. Promises don't count much from him.

Loves Cypress Creek said...

To those of you associated with Jacob's Well and Blue Hole who have kept your mouths shut about Conley because he has helped you acquire taxpayer money for your projects this past year or so, your time is up.

Him insisting on a place for his kids to swing at Jacob's Well will be just the first of many unwanted and completely unneeded "developments" to the JWNA. I suppose it is already too late to consider Blue Hole "natural", but at least it doesn't pretend as much in its official name.

You have used Conley, now realize his use to you is going bye-bye. Even people who used to support Conley are disenchanted with so many secretive dealings, your well-meaning environmental projects included.

Vote him out and let's work together to get some honest government for a change.

This kind of slimeball patronage cannot go on forever without consequences for all concerned.