Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FA holds candidates forum; Rose statement on "illegals" riles Hispanic caucus

" . . . there’s one thing that we’re unanimous on: We don’t allow people to kick immigrants around like a political football so they can make political hay.”

-- State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer

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Notes from the field
| By Charles O'Dell, Oct. 19, 2010For those of you who couldn't attend the Friendship Alliance candidate forum last night, I have attached a statement from Dr. Bert Cobb expressing his regrets for having to miss the event under orders from his physician. It was well read by high school junior Jimmy Skipton IV.

Pct. 4 Commissioner Karen Ford
gave a good accounting of herself and seemed to speak from the heart.

Our Rep. Patrick Rose failed to attend or to send any statement of regret. Rose's opponent, Jason Issac, took questions from the moderator and from the audience and gave what I perceived as honest if not entirely complete answers. His candor and openness was refreshing.

[The statement from Cobb said this, in part: "I sincerely regret that I cannot attend tonight's forum. As some of you may know, I am recovering from an infection in my back and my doctors have asked me to limit the amount of time that I am on my feet for the next few weeks until my recovering is complete. Let me make it clear that my prognosis is excellent. My condition is more frustrating than it is serious, as my recovery has placed certain limits on my campaign activities.

"First, I am a medical doctor, not a career politician. After serving in the U. S. Air Force, I put myself through medical school. I am board certified in head and neck surgery and worked as chief of surgery at Central Texas Medical Center. I have operated three medical clinics and served as president of the Tri-County Medical Society, where I worked with legislators and local leaders throughout Central Texas to improve medical care in our region."]

I have also attached an article of interest for those Democrats who believe in compassion, fair play and common decency.

Warning: The article contains subject matter that should be offensive to all of you.

Democratic Legislator Urges Crackdown on "Illegals"

Read the complete article at The Americano . . .

Patrick Rose

AUSTIN (Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010) – Imagine the outrage if a Republican had issued the following statement, that appeared in a story published Wednesday in the Houston Chronicle:

“We have to crack down on illegal immigrants who break our laws, escape unpunished and take jobs away from Texans.”

The paper then asks two rhetorical questions. Is it a campaign ad by a Republican lawmaker who favors bringing an Arizona-style immigration crackdown to Texas? By GOP Gov. Rick Perry?

“Nope. It’s by state Rep. Patrick Rose, a Dripping Springs Democrat who belongs to the Mexican American Legislative Caucus — and that’s why it’s raising some eyebrows,” the Chronicle story said.

It added that chairman Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, D-San Antonio, said the group wants to take a “measured look” at the matter. (He describes caucus membership criteria as “you either have to be brown or have a brown heart.”)

“We have very diverse views when it comes to the issue of immigration,” he told the Chronicle. “But there’s one thing that we’re unanimous on: We don’t allow people to kick immigrants around like a political football so they can make political hay.”


Anonymous said...

Under Obama:

* deportations are up;

* enforcement actions against employers who hire illegals are up (dramatically);

* the number of federal personnel patrolling the border is up, and

* the number of people entering the country illegally is down;

yet to hear Rose smear the Democratic administration in Washington, you would think that the border was abandoned once Bush left office, and that we've been witnessing a flood of illegal immigrants. Where was Rose when Bush was in office!

With Democratic politicians like this, who needs Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Typical Democrat talking points! Nobody but a fool would believe that things along the Mexican border are better since Obama took power. What a load of crapola! Why don’t you take your family on vacation to Juarez or Matamoras if you think Obama has done such a good job? The drug lords now own the border and this all came to a head in the last 2 years. You have to love this country to want to protect it.

Ralph said...

The Mexican drug cartels - which is the worst part of the illegal immigration problem - are there because Americans are buying their drugs. Americans, not Mexicans.

What is wrong with Americans that they must numb themselves from their life plight? If the Mexicans were not providing the drugs, the Russians - or the Dominicans - or some other foreign organized crime group would step in to fill the void. Solve the American drug addiction demand and we solve the worst part of the illegal alien problem.

Hint: Building more prisons or contracting out with predatory prison corporations at taxpayer expense and incarcerating more American drug users is NOT the answer.

Charles O'Dell said...

US consumption of illegal drugs coming into Texas through Mexico are what fuel the Mexican drug cartels.

The drug cartels then use some of that money to purchase arms from the US. Now the drug war that US consumption is funding is coming to our borders and across.

This has little or nothing to do with those coming to the US to work our low paying menial jobs---but every thing to do with our US domestic policies regarding guns and illegal drugs.

Until we address the root causes our boarders and our cities will only get worse, and emotional scapegoating will solve nothing!

Rose says its OK to have guns on campus.

Rose asked for a chairmanship for his support of House Speaker Straus. Staus gave Rose the Health Services Chair and look what's been happening to those held at our state schools on Rose's watch.

Until voters see real cause and effect and get away from their baseless biases, senseless labeling and petty name calling---these problems won't be solved. They will only get worse and more costly in money and lives.

Anonymous said...

The drug cartels owned the border long before Obama came on the scene. Before them it was the vehicle smugglers and gun runners. I was born and raised on the border. I know what I'm talking about. I don't need anyone's political talking points. The Mexican government is responsible for safety on its side of the border. (There is little we can do about the corruption and bribery that is rife over there). The American government is responsible for safety on our side. It is undeniable that law enforcement has been beefed up considerably. All you have to do is drive down there and see all the new checkpoints and Border Patrol vehicles everywhere, along the border and 90 miles inland. Bush came late to the table in his administration. Obama has put lots more money and manpower since. One other point, the media has blown the border and drug wars way past the point of reality. Most border towns are relatively safe. Some of you speak without knowing what you are speaking about, Rep. Rose being one of them just to win a few points from the hard core right. Shame on him and everyone else that keeps taking their frustrations out on the little people.

Ralph said...

Very well said, Charles.

The only thing I want to add is that almost every time a country gets itself into economic problems, the mobs try to blame "gastarbeiters" or illegal aliens for the country's economic problems that were really created by a greedy and exploitive ruling class.

Illegal immigration is hardly ever a problem when the economy is doing well. Americans love cheap mexican labor when they are employed and making money - but pretend they would want those difficult manual labor jobs when they are unemployed.

And why don't we see any unemployed white American men out at the Catholic Church parking lot if they really want to work?

Ralph said...

Hey last Anonymous. You are lucid and correct in your analysis. Consider using your real name in the future and write more frequently. Your knowledge and experience would add to the quality of the blog.

I would hope, though, the Roundup would also get more Peter Stern like conservative writers to add to the dialogue. Intelligent and thoughtful conservative declared viewpoints are what the blog needs most.

Anonymous said...

“We have to crack down on illegal immigrants who break our laws, escape unpunished and take jobs away from Texans.”

I wholeheatedly agree with the above statement and I don't give a damn whether a republican or democrat says it.

What exactly do you people have against that quotation?

Peter Stern said...

Illegal immigrants are still illegal and should not be permitted to live and work in our nation. I also do not comprehend the animosity to the above quotation regarding illegal immigrants.

If Americans were in Mexico illegally we would NOT be afforded jobs or a life in Mexico. We would be put in prison and fined. The Mexican government has always been very happy that the U.S. takes care of its illegals here. It needs to stop. Mexico is not sending money for us to care for the illegals. U.S. taxpayers should not have to foot the tab for illegal immigrants. It is wrong.

Our immigration laws have not been enforced for many decades and if there's a problem in the immigration laws they should be updated and/or amended and then enforced. However, right now our current immigration laws must be enforced and that includes jail time and large fines for those Americans and U.S. companies who employ illegals.

As for Patrick Rose, I don't comprehend those people (including Isaac) who call him a liberal. Rose is NOT a democrat or a liberal. He is a Republican in Democratic drag.

Simply look at Rose's history in the House. He supported Republicans Rick Perry, former toll czar Mike Krusee, former Speaker Tom Craddick and other radical Republicans. These are Texas Republicans who do NOT follow the path and code of real former Republicans like Dwight Eisenhower or even Ronald Reagan.,

Why is it that the Democratic Party, including Hays County, supports Patrick Rose when he has voted mostly Republican for the past 8 years? Clearly Rose is NOT what Texans need in the House.

Anonymous said...

If Rep. Rose truly did say and you could believe him, that he is for “bringing an Arizona-style immigration crackdown to Texas”, as reported, he’d be my guy. However, I think he is just posturing to appear more conservative than his opponent, Jason Isaac.

I think it is a good thing that the Democrat Party is hell bent on eating their own. The State Republican Party does not have the cajones and is simply not capable of such a coup by itself. As a Republican, I say thanks for the help, I’ll vote for Isaac but if Rose wins I won’t cry.

Conservative in DS said...

So let me be the ignorant one of the day. The first part (clause?) of the statement is valid; the second is obviously somewhat of a misleading statement. I am of the opinion that while there are certainly people here who are not legally here, they do contribute to our economy by living shopping, paying taxes (property and sales) that would otherwise not be paid. If you believe in an expanding economy, then these individuals (and families) contribute in their way by being what the American economy is about - consumption - they are consumers of food, clothing, entertainment, endless other product offerings that drive our economy. They are also producers that contribute to our economy by being individuals who work in jobs that often times would otherwise not be filled by either native Hispanics, Anglos, Blacks, or Asians. That in itself can be overstated as their are a great many native (of all colors) who work in these same low paying menial, and manual labor jobs.

Okay, now that we have dealt with that, here's the crux of the problem. We have laws against illegal immigration. Let's enforce them; we have laws against hiring illegals immigrants, let's enforce them. Who is obviously going to scream loudest? For enforcing illegal immigration - the Hispanic lobby; for enforcing hiring practices of hiring illegal immigrants - the business lobby. Let's play fair across the board, deport those who are here illegally, and fine and jail those who are hiring illegal immigrants.

What will be the result? Creation of thousands of new jobs for natives; opportunities for those who want work to get it. Problem: how many will actually take the work? My guess, is 10-20%, and that's a generous guess. If they could, they would be doing the work now. Why would it change if there were no illegal immigrants to do the work? So, solution to problem? Seek immigrants to fill jobs that are otherwise unfilled. How? Like it was done for centuries, legal immigration. We seek certain job skills, intellectual and craftsman. If you aren't here to contribute to the betterment of our society, then we don't need you. If you are coming to solely be a drain on our productivity and consume wealth without contributing to the creation of it (for yourself first, and for the employer who has taken the risk of hiring, training, and employing you), then we don't need you.

Okay, now, I am waiting to hear the cries of the liberal left of why I am insensitive to the plight of the Hispanic illegal immigrant and the cry of the conservative right that says that the crackdown on those who break labor laws ought to be prosecuted and prosecuted hard. Why, because to me this statement is saying what everybody knows is the problem on both sides, and yet both sides (conservative and liberal) only want to beat their drum for their side of the coin.

I say it's time that we fix the problem on both sides. Let's deal with illegal immigration by creating opportunities for legal migration. Let's deal with those (union or non-union) that hire illegal immigrants by fining them to the greatest extent of the law, or jailing them as the offense warrants. If part of the problem of illegal immigration is drug importation (or cartels), then let's deal with that viciously - if it's war, let's fight it accordingly, take no prisoners. Soldiers fight wars with the implicit knowledge that their lives are in danger and are forfeit in the event of combat. It is a known and accepted risk by real soldiers. Fake soldiers such as those who the cartels hire are nothing more than cowards. Come out of the shadows and let's fight. On the other hand, let's also deal with the problem of consumption, get rid of the demand, you get rid of the supply. Jail isn't enough, and only kicks the can down the road. Potentially there may be some legalization issues to discuss; but at the same time treatment must be a high priority.

Some thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Sad to say but I think Patrick Rose is representing the majority of his constituents. Let's face it for the most part were a bunch of bubbas looking to blame other people for our economic woes. Arizona and Texas have problems with illegal immigrants but not New Mexico. I wonder what's in the water that causes less xenophobic behavior in New Mexico. We need to raise wages in Mexico so the people can live in their own land with their families. Unions call themselves international but I see no action in Mexico. Besides if you raise wages in Mexico the international corporations will move somewhere with cheaper labor. I'm learning Spanish.

Ralph said...

The entire argument that legals or American citizens would take the jobs illegal workers perform is simply fallacious.

"Legals" can now take those jobs - and there are no takers. Illegal workers do not indimidate American citizens into not working those jobs. All of you who make that argument are either Republicans or smoking the cartel's product.

Anonymous said...

You know, if big-mouth Rose wants all of us to believe his lies about illegal immigration then let him start "putting his money where his mouth is" by closing down the illegal operations of his close buddy and large campaign contributor Roberts of The Salt Lick, who uses more illegals than anyone else in Hays County.

Rose can start there by refusing and returning Roberts' contributions and turn The Salt Lick over to INS. Only then will I believe Rose and even then only sparingly because history shows that Rose is a liar and truth-bender for his own political agendas and his career.

Peter Stern said...

Just a quick note to Ralph and others re: illegals taking jobs from American citizens.

I am not saying it is true or it is not true, but I do know one thing about this issue.

Employers hire illegals for several reasons. One of the foremost is that they do NOT have to provide the legal per hourly salary to an illegal because, quite simply, they are NOT American citizens. Illegals are illegal and employers can offer them 20 cents per hour, if they want to and the illegals can take the salary or leave it.

The same employers generally will NOT hire American citizens because they would have to provide the legal hourly salary to citizens.

Now THAT's the fact about hiring of and salaries given to illegals and to American citizens. The rest of the issues don't matter that much except that an employer hiring an illegal for a job is acting illegally under the current immigration laws and is a criminal by law.

Anonymous said...

It is an oversimplification but here goes. Democrats and their Liberal followers want Illegals her for their votes and Republicans and their conservative pals want them for cheap labor. That, my friends, is why we still have the problem. Illegal immigration could be stopped within months if both sides wanted to end it.

Ralph said...

Stern, your illegals are "illegal" argument is valid. But to say that employers hire illegals because they don't want to pay "legals" a fair wage is bogus. To say they don't want to pay Medicare and FICA, maybe.

$15.00 to $20.00 an hour, which is what many semi-skilled illegals are paid, is a good hourly wage, especially for the average unemployed. I would do it if I needed money and a job.

Most Americans simply don't want to do the work. Again, why don't we see white guys hanging out at the Wimberley catholic church parking lot waiting for work?

And if employers are the cause of the illegal worker problem, then why is 80% of the xenophobia and the anger against the Mexicans?

The proof is in the pudding (or maybe the chips are in the salsa).

Tired of Ralph said...

Ralph, you are just so biased and thick headed, I don’t think you will ever get it! I talk to a lot of people that want our borders closed to illegal immigration or more properly lawbreakers coming across the Rio Bravo. I rarely hear anything mentioned about the race of the illegals so you xenophobe argument is false. You liberals are always the first to mention race in any debate. I have no idea what your race is but I wish you would shut your pie hole and open your eyes and ears.

An employer paying an illegal $10-15 per hour is getting a good deal although he is breaking federal law and could go to jail. If the same employer obeyed all laws and hired and American citizen to do the same job his costs would be about 3 times as much. There would be plenty of Americans to take the “legal job”.

Anonymous said...

God forbid this blog should ever say anything bad about Karen Ford, even if it is true.

Peter Stern said...

The employer of illegals also doesn't pay health care or unemployment costs. So what?

The point here is that Rose is quoted right or wrong, honest or not. It is implied that what he stated is wrong somehow. I asked why what Rose stated should be taken badly?

That it "riles Hispanic caucus" should come as no surprise to anyone. Of course it would make them angry. So what?

Again, Rose is another life-long politician who at a young age decided to bend the truth, manipulate the system and Texas voters and placate his wealthy campaign contributors.

In order to move up the ladder Rose learned to "make nice" to the Republican leadership that is in power. He apparently does enough not to irk the Democratic Party that he runs under. Like him or not, Rose knows the game and plays it well, like so many others at the State Capitol.

As for illegal immigration, I again state that an illegal immigrant is illegal in this nation and should be punished just as illegal Americans would be trying to live and work in any other nation in the world.

It is a question of the law and legality and NOT of a racist nature or view.

That said, does racism enter the illegal immigrant issue? Of course it does. Often, it is human nature for many angered and passionate people to use.

During the history of our young nation, waves of legal immigrants came to the U.S. looking for jobs and a better way of life for thensleves and their families.

Racism felt by American citizens was prevalent during each of those waves of new settlers. Even the new groups of immigrants showed racism to the next generation of immigrants. It is part of the total nature of new immigration; however, ILLEGAL immigration is a entirely different issue and it is one our leaders opt not to resolve for their varied reasons.

Anonymous said...

Here is another case in point and in today's Austin Statesman:

Would any of us opt to live illegally in new nation for 20 years and NOT become a legal citizen?

Just ridiculous.

BobPM said...

What Patrick said at the debate: see at 13:45; was that "the Federal Government continues to abdicate it's responsibility" on border security.

This is false and is the frustrating part of the discussions above. The Federal Government is doing more now than anytime since sending Pershing into Mexico to police the Border. Moreover, this enhanced enforcement, along with the economic downturn is working to reduce immigration.

As to the related but different issue of safety, study after study has shown that Mexican immigrants are more law abiding than native born Americans, and that the incidence of crime in most "US" border towns is down. This importantly includes non-immigration related crimes, and violent crimes.

While we have all heard the horrific stories of the violence on the Mexican side of the border, that violence has not detectably spilled into the US.

The larger point is that the Federal government is acting and to say they are not, especially if you didn't vociferously criticize the prior administration is a lie and hypocritical. In addition, the fear mongering in the posts above, is without a valid basis, and anecdotal stories of violence in Matamoros does not make a Texas crime spree. By all means don't water ski on the Mexican side of Falcon reservoir, but don't extrapolate that into a non-existent immigrant crime wave in Texas.

Anonymous said...

"As to the related but different issue of safety, study after study has shown that Mexican immigrants are more law abiding than native born Americans, and that the incidence of crime in most "US" border towns is down. This importantly includes non-immigration related crimes, and violent crimes."

The above comment is sheer BS.

How many studies have there been RECENTLY that proves your nonsense statements? Where is the documentation?

Some border towns are relatively safe and some are a mess with drug issues and increased violence. There is no all encompassing statement you can make regarding this issue.

Anonymous said...

No mater how many times you say it, the border is not safer than it was two years ago. The Obamanistas are making up things since they are so desperate to hear anything good about their “President of Change”. It ain’t happening!

Besides, the illegal immigration problem is not only about the crime, it has to do with the fact that we are a nation of laws and every man, woman and child that sneaks across the Rio Bravo into the US is a lawbreaker. Say it anyway you want it is a criminal act to enter the US without government permission. All should be arrested and deported!

If we don’t enforce our laws we are in a state of anarchy. This uncontrolled influx is straining our overly generous social rescue programs. Our schools and hospitals are being overrun and under funded for this huge increase in bodies. It is not insignificant that our American culture is changing at a rapid rate. We have changed from a melting pot to a stew. So sad!

Anonymous said...

Quote from BobPM;

“study after study has shown that Mexican immigrants are more law abiding than native born Americans”

What a preposterous statement! Every illegal immigrant is by definition a Federal lawbreaker. I, and just about every American I know have never broken a Federal law but every person here illegally has. We need to quit making excuses for these criminals and call them what they are.

In my opinion, Rose didn’t go far enough, he hesitated just to be PC. This dishonesty is getting out of control and we better correct it before we reap the whirlwind of tolerance for violations of our laws.

Today, the majority of Americans claim to believe we are a nation of laws. This is however, an empty claim if one is not willing to obey and enforce the law. One who will lie, cheat or steal and then proudly boast of his belief in the laws is only deceiving himself. You either believe in the law of you don’t, there is no middle ground.

NOT a Rose fan... said...

Simply stated, it is time to get rid of phoney Democrat Patrick Rose. He symbolizes what is wrong with today's politicians.

Furthermore, I challenge Rose supporters to make a list of what Rose HONESTLY has done for the Texas Community.

Now I'm not speaking about obviously issues where he really couldn't go wrong, as in his supporting the ground-breaking hospital, etc. That doesn't take any guts and it is not controversial. But what has this guy done to really make a difference?

That's the challenge for y'all.

Look in the mirror said...

Anonymous quoting BobPM: I wish you would apply your standards for a "law abiding nation" to all the morally bankrupt, lying and cheating politicians in office and running for office. The so called illegal alien lawbreakers couldn't hold a candle to what they are all getting away with, with the blessing of American citizens and voters, including you.

Peter Stern said...

Perhaps we should emulate more of how Singapore handles its illegal problems?

richard said...


Peter Stern said...

Confucius stated: "Beware of the man who blows hot and cold in one breath."

And that may be applied to Patrick Rose. To say that all politicos do this and it's just Texas politics does NOT justify Rose's behavior, actions and voting history.

The reason these sort of dismal politicians continue to manage our affairs poorly is directly due to people like you who let them do so, make ridiculous excuses for them and who continue to reelect these sort of incumbents year after year.

Anonymous said...

It is pure rationalization to think hiring illegals is ok because citizens supposedly do not want to work. We are suppose to live under a rule of law not deception. I know for sure many are paid well below what a citizen gets paid in many situations not too mention much of it is not recorded. Anyone who has hired one is breaking the law and that is why we have a big problem. BTW, who wants to work in an environment where no one speaks English and the pay is very low...not just salary, but no benefits. Of course if we sent them all home and stop paying folks on the dole...maybe it would work itself out. But, it started with greed and it will end with it.

One day, your votes wont matter... just look at the demographic change. We have sold out with complete greed.