Wednesday, July 20, 2011

State Representative Jason Isaac wants to hear from you

Legislative updates:
The State of Texas has filed a lawsuit in D.C. federal district court seeking pre-clearance of the state’s redistricting plans. A copy of the complaint and the state’s letter to the DOJ (and other materials) can be found at: Unlike Virginia, the state is seeking ‘informal pre-clearance’ with the DOJ but is not simultaneously seeking formal administrative pre-clearance. Here is a copy of the pre-clearance advisory filed by the state in the pending Austin and San Antonio cases:

Texas Tribune | Texas voters will consider 10 constitutional amendments – In a little celebrated — in fact, hardly noticed — biennial Texas tradition, voters will decide the fate of 10 new proposed constitutional amendments in November.

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
| Change coming in vehicle registration fees | By Gordon Dickson – Many Texas automobile owners are getting a surprise in the mail, and for some it will mean fewer dollars in their pockets. For others, it will mean more. In 2009, the Legislature overhauled its vehicle registration fees but delayed implementing the changes until Sept. 1, 2011. Well, that time is here.

Editor's note: In an e-mailed message sent yesterday, State Rep. Jason Isaac (R-Dripping Springs/Belterra) is asking constituents for input on election-related and agriculture and livestock-related issues. Mr. Isaac probably won't mind hearing from constituents about other important issues in the district, and perhaps also what you think about his performance in his first term in the Legislature.

Don't be bashful. Mr. Isaac is your state representative. Last month, he set an end-of-June $50,000 fund raising goal to prepare for a probable run for a 2nd term in 2012. He literally cast hundreds of votes this past session, in which more than 1,200 new pieces of legislation were passed and sent to the governor. Isaac joined the GOP stampede in voting to cut $4 billion in public school funding, supported the sonogram anti-abortion bill, sponsored several local developer friendly municipal utility district bills, and supported a voter ID measure that critics believe will lead to suppressed voting of minorities and the elderly. Isaac also was named a "Tax Champion" during the session (an award
from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility coveted by conservatives).

Send your comments and news tips to, to Mr. Isaac at or click on the "comments" at the bottom of the story


With the 82nd regular and special legislative sessions behind us, we are already starting to look ahead and identify our goals for 2013. During the interim, the Speaker works with the committee chairs and members to identify interim charges. The committees will research and hear testimony on these charges over the next year and a half in order to become better prepared to address the issues next session.

I have been asked to submit suggestions for the two committees on which I serve, Elections and Agriculture & Livestock, and I want your input. Although the Speaker makes the final decision regarding the charges, I want to provide him with information about what issues the constituents in my district think are most important. Keep in mind that in order for me to submit your ideas, they must specifically relate to elections or agriculture and livestock.

CLICK HERE to fill out a short form and let me know your thoughts.

To learn more about interim charges, you can click here to view the charges from last session.

I appreciate your input!



Rocky Boschert said...

Mr. Isaac, if you really want citizen input about livestock issues, I suggest you morally reconsider your role in making women feel like brood mares for the state with your big government anti-family planning mandatory sonogram law.

First of all, Mr. Isaac, you and your supporters should know what conservatives and liberals really represent. Snce you loosely interpret the US Constitution to exploit government power to fit your social agenda, you are really a liberal - using political mascara to cover up your "right to life" blemishes. Look it up, Sir. You should know what is conservative and what is not.

See, a true conservative - like Sen. Ron Paul - would never use MORE government legislation to show his distaste for abortion. He would use family planning education, church and non-profit community support, and trusting a woman to be equally intelligent enough to make the right choice about her family without being shamed into not having an abortion and possibly adding more children onto the welfare rolls which our taxes pay for.

And ironically, Mr. Isaac, I bet you voted for cutting the State program budgets for poor children health care and family food programs - again, which our taxes pay for - which covers unwanted children born into an economic environment that clearly punishes the underprivileged.

My suggestion is you show your regret and contrition for your hypocritical early big government legislative actions by humbly adopting a child who was born from a woman who abandoned the child because she chose not to have an abortion because of the shame your legislation would impose on her.

In fact, all the Texas legislators who voted for this big government mandatory sonogram legislation should adopt an unwanted baby - just to show voting constituents how strong their Christian family values philosophy really is. Such an action would be a generous and truly Christian sign that God is guiding all of you.

Finally, I promise I will vote for you again if you publicly announce the adoption of a homeless child as your theoretical Christian values must dictate.

And so you know, Mr. Isaac, I also do not support abortion. But I am not so grandiose or arrogant to think I can play God and subject another human being to animal husbandry procedures just to prove I am a superior being.

Thank you for requesting citizen input about what seems to be your active concern over state livestock issues.

I trust you will do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

what a scam, He wants our input now, after the fact? He's now gathering info, for what? 2013. Don't waste your time and energy on helping Isaac, use it to defeat him next go around. He has done nothing for Hays County and has only pushed wedge issues. We need someone who can work with and for all people.

Anonymous said...

Rocky's suggestion that legislators who voted for the TX sonogram/abortion bill each adopt a child is a good and reasonable one. After all, hasn't the new goddess of the Republicans, Michele Bachmann, had 20+ foster children? Those legislators should follow her lead.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, With all due respect, you sir have crossed the line with this post. If you really want to debate with or enter into a dialog with Rep. Isaacs, why do it in this way? Doing this type of thing in a public forum is nothing more than grandstanding and will serve no useful purpose. You have made your point as a rabid pro-abortion liberal many times before. I am disappointed that you chose to react in this way.

Just so you know, I am not a Christian and I am neutral on abortion for others but I would never allow anyone to abort my child or grandchild.

I wish the abortion debate would be totally removed from the political arena since I see it as a private struggle for individuals and their mates, not groups or teams and definitely not political parties.

I am sorry to use the term "pro-abortion" but your post brought it out of me. It must be very hard to be a liberal on everything and stay that way.

Elwood said...

What is it that Jesus said about 'rendering unto Caesar' . . . ? There musta been a plan in there somewhere, minus all the politics of course. So, what do you think, Mr. State Representative. Where do you think Jesus would have allocated the Roman taxes of his day?

Anonymous said...

Go Rocky!

Rocky for State Representative!

jwigginsburns said...

I doubt that Mr. Isaac wants my feedback, so I will just express it this way. Take everything he proposed and/or voted for in the 82nd Legislative session, and know that I opposed it. I especially oppose his votes for misogynistic efforts such as the sonogram legislation and legislation limiting women's access to health services, as well as the reductions in funding for schools. I look forward to working in a campaign to defeat him the next time he runs.

Summer in Texas said...

Mr. Isaac, two things on elections: 1. Impose term limits on state representatives and senators, and 2. study the reliability of electronic voting machines in Texas to ensure first and foremost that they are 100% protected from tampering by private contractors. This will ensure more protection from voter fraud than your inconvenient voter ID law ever will.

Peter Stern said...

To Summer:

Regarding elections...

Add to it a limit on the Office of the Governor to ensure that we never have a mediocre individual like Perry at the helm for 4 terms.

Also, I did send the following to Rep. Isaac:

Develop and implement the law for a run-off re: gubernatorial elections when the candidate win fewer than 50 percent of the total votes.

Many states have such a law in place and Texas should as well. Last election Gov. Rick Perry won with a mere 39 percent of the total votes. No governor should be enabled to take office with such a paltry number of votes.

Furthermore, most state elections in Texas already have such a law in place. The position of Governor does not.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Issac,

Are you going to run for the U.S.
Congressional seat from District 25?

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard? Conley is running for congress. Isaac wouldn't stand a chance against him.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 8:12 PM:

Surely you jest!

Rocky Boschert said...

I appreciate the problem solving comments of Peter and others, but the real problem with our politically corrupt, bait and switch voting system and the post-election pathological lying that goes with newly elected politicians is a combination of 1) our limited choice two party system (one body, two heads) and 2) plain voter ignorance.

For instance, take the accusation written by the Anonymous of July 20, 12:14 PM who accuses me of being "a rabid pro-abortion liberal." Ironically, I am not pro-abortion, as all my previous comments and articles have made very clear.

Yet Anonymous cannot conceive of someone who is anti-abortion harshly criticizing a two-faced politician who says he is against big government but then proceeds to use big government legal repression to force anti-abortion legislation on women so they can be subjected to an intrusive and demeaning medical procedure.

This voting mistake on my part was partly the result of voter ignorance as I stupidly voted for Isaac because I was gullible enough to actually believe he was for small government.

On the other hand, I voted against Rose the DINO because I am tired of the fact that more and more we are seeing economic prostitution being adopted by both Democrats and Republicans.

As a result of all the deceit, we need at least a three-party system badly.

Peter Stern said...

Rocky, what happened to the 2-party system will happen to whatever 3rd, 4th or 5th parties we have or will get.

Do you think there is an immunity that a 3rd party will have when faced with mega wealthy individuals and corporations who are greedy and powerful?

I know you don't think that.

While you are correct that the 2 party system has failed most Americans, the solution is NOT yet another party.

It is the system that has become corrupt by association.

In actuality, I believe we need to eliminate the lost 2 parties so that the mega corruption will cancel out and the 2 parties will go the way of the dinosaur.

In short, we need no parties. We need Americans voting unbiased and independent of parties, but that's not going to happen any time soon.

We need laws that prohibit private donations and/or put an extreme limit on how much a contribution may be.

In addition, the checks and balances put forth in the Constitution also have been corrupted. We need to get back to the basics written in that magnificent document. We have strayed too far and we did NOT listen to the warning in President Eisenhower's Farewell Address re: the Industrial/Military Complex taking over.

Those in charge have become greedy and corrupt and they have infected our entire political, social and economic systems. Parties no longer should have a place in our America.


Rocky said...

I like that idea very much, Peter. Good analysis and potential solution.

Write an article on your ideas. I would be very interested.

Anonymous said...

Watch it, Jason! Former TX Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams is contemplating running for the District 25 Congressional seat that you reportedly aspire to!