Monday, December 6, 2010

Which comes first, your 2nd Amendment rights or your community's quality of life?

Originally, my intention for writing this article was to make the community aware that the Gun Store's main business is class 3 weapons. Now I am even more concerned that our "little piece of heaven" is, somehow, dramatically altered by this kind of controversial business

Update, December 8: Ms. Fisher, who has taken a lot of shots for her story, has a sent a response addressing many of the critical points raised. Click on the comments button at the bottom of the story to see her response.

A concerned citizen, Anna Fisher of Wimberley, sent this report about a gun store doing business in the neighborhood that is licensed to sell class 3 military style weapons. The business occupies what used to be a country and western dance hall on RR 12 between San Marcos and Wimberley. On its website, the gun store boasts, "
From Twenty two’s to tanks, We try to have something for everyone." For hunters, gun enthusiasts and collectors, it's a virtual candy store. Most drivers passing by might think at first glance that the place is a World War II fighting machine museum. Ms. Fisher, however, takes a different tact and questions the wisdom of allowing the sale of assault weapons in the heart of a peaceful and peace loving community. She did a fair job of trying to get an answer from the gun store's owner, apparently to no avail. Nothing against a legal business trying to meet a strangely growing demand for all types of weapons that pack massive kill power. Just saying, maybe the wider community should chime in on cases like these and examine some of the more serious potential side effects. We are informed by Ms. Fisher that one of the local newspapers she called told her they probably would not run her petition as an advertisement and it's doubtful, she said, that they will even publish her report.

Send your comments and news tips to, to Ms. Fisher at, to Pct. 3 County Commissioner Will Conley at or click on the "comments" button at the bottom or the story

An Open Letter

By Anna Fisher

“If you know what you want and we have it, the whole process takes about ten minutes . . . And if we don’t have it, we can get it,” says the sales representative at the Gun Store. Recently opened on RR 12, the "Gun Store" is a Class 3 weapons dealer licensed to sell assault weapons to the general public. (The store formerly operated in San Marcos proper.)

It is not your standard hunting store. Their web site reads, “As a class 3 dealer we are licensed to buy and sell fully automatic and suppressed weapons and would be happy to walk you through the legal transfer process.”

MPI 69 with case and suppressor

According to the Western Firearms Company out of Grapevine, Texas, “Owning a class 3 weapon (machine guns/silencer) is relatively simple.” For example, the AK-47 rifle used in the September 28 shooting on the UT campus only required the purchaser to be 18 years old and have proof of residency. Class 3 weapons are referred to as “assault weapons” for a reason – their purpose is to kill people.

As a resident of this community, I was shocked to discover that a class 3 weapons dealer has moved into the area. Class 3 weapons are not personal protection weapons nor or they hunting rifles. Selling military-style weapons to the general public strikes me as incompatible with our neighborly way of life, as well as dangerous.

In an effort to understand the business of the Gun Store, I visited the store and talked with two sales representatives. They briefly described their impressive wall display of guns ranging from hunting rifles to fully-automatic rifles. In a further effort to understand his perspective, I called the store owner. Rather than returning my call, the owner asked his store manager to call me. Once again, I asked to speak to the owner and was told I could not. Since their website claims they are a “friendly” store, I was a little surprised and asked why not and was told the owner would not talk to me.

I had prepared a series of questions to ask the owner but I decided to ask the store manager only one question. I asked, “In light of the controversies surrounding sales of class 3 weapons, why do you choose to sell class 3 weapons, rather than only selling hunting guns and personal handguns?” He became defensive and said, "That is the end of this liberal interview” and hung up. There was one other question I really wanted to ask, “How does your business contribute to the quality of life of this community?”

Law enforcement agencies contacted pointed out these licensed stores operate within the law. However, does a business owner play an enabling role with the criminal market when he sells these types of products?

As to where class 3 weapons dealers can locate, these dealers are even less regulated than liquor stores, bars and gambling operations. It seems the only vehicle available for refusing to allow a gun dealer to locate within a community is zoning. Further, the Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol and Firearms, the federal licensing agency for gun dealers, is prohibited by the "Tiahart Amendment" from sharing their records with the public, including whether any weapons confiscated from crimes have been traced back to a particular store. The NRA successfully lobbied Congress to prohibit the computerization of gun dealer records. According to a San Marcos Homeland Security officer, it is even difficult for local law enforcement agencies to access these records.

Originally, my intention for writing this article was to make the community aware that the Gun Store's main business is class 3 weapons. Now I am even more concerned that our "little piece of heaven" is, somehow, dramatically altered by this kind of controversial business. People choose to live here, I believe, because of our neighborly and wholesome way of life. Most of us know our shop owners and each other. It is highly significant that the owner of the Gun Store refuses to even talk to me.

One young Wimberley mom said to me, “I feel uncomfortable every time I drive by that store, and when my children are in the car. I am worried the military tanks blatantly displayed will frighten them."

This community is protective of its way of life and is proud of its healthy and safe environment. We should ask ourselves if selling military-style weapons to the general public is the kind of business we welcome.

If you have similar concerns, and would like to gather signatures for a petition requesting the Gun Store to voluntarily stop selling Class 3 weapons at the RR 12 location, you may contact me at: FOXLADY830@YAHOO.COM.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I didn't even know this store was there. I look forwarding to stopping by on my next trip to San Marcos.

Anonymous said...

Try defining "community".

"Community" is an abstract concept. It is not a being. "Your community" is even more ambiguous.

"Quality of life" is not a right or entitlement. It's interesting that this Wimberley group believes that evisceration of the second amendment is necessary for their "quality of life". This group expects to use the first amendment in their efforts. What kind of "community" will it be when the first amendment is taken because some Wimberley mom allegedly is concerned that her children "might" be frightened of such speech or writings? How long will it be before such ridiculous rationale is given for eliminating the 1st and the 3rd-10th amendments?

The larger "community" decided long ago that "communities" such as the one the author is trying to form are nothing but oppressive regimes. The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to protect individuals from the type of "community" the author promotes.

Ralph said...

I went to the gun store one day to check it out myself. The two young white males working there were very courteous and informative. The head guy even said he denied one potential buyer a killing weapon because he didn't "look quite right in the eyes."

I was comforted to hear the clerk was trained in identifying sociopaths before they get up on the UT tower or go to a Synagogue and unleash some pain.

Our community should be glad to know the clerk was making sure the store's owners are selective about what mass murderers they sell the assault weapons to.

I wonder if this consumer demand free markets gun store will sell assault weapons to the "military hobbyist, 1960's historical re-enactment" new Black Panther party members?

Joe said...

War General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about the "military-industrial complex." It is amazing to me how much it has woven itself into the very fabric of our society. I will hold off forming a strong opinion about this gun store one way or another. I am an avid hunter and I know that good training and SAFETY are the first rules of order. Does this gun store require any kind of special training in the use of these military style weapons before they sell them?

Anonymous said...

Story makes it sound like a class 3 permit is easy to obtain; last time I checked it took more than a bit of effort.

As for this store, I've been in, nothing there of interest to me and they couldn't help me with my Browning.

Rocky Boschert said...

My guess is the store's owner(s) knew that he would never get zoning approval in Wimberley or any "city limits" in Hays County. So the more open "county" designation fit the bill.

More importantly, it never fails that a business like this fear based assualt weapons store always thrives during hard economic times when people are angry at government - a government owned and operated by powerful Wall Street and big business corporate interests. Add in the less important but still relevant fact that our Federal government is now run by a black man, and we have all the makings of the perfect storm for the "Schmeisser" gun store.

The fallacy behind this NRA funded so-called "conservative" anger is that the workers of America are not in dire straits because of government, but because the Wall Street corporate power elite must, at any costs, grow their share prices by cutting costs through moving American job overseas to cheap third world labor shops and dumbing down our customer service and product quality to the same low cost production and service regions.

The Federal government is only doing what their Wall Street corporate masters are telling them to do. It is pretty obvious to any one who wants to see the economic truth about our nation.

Now, when the the well-intentioned portion of the gun rights people finally gets offended at the real problem in America - a new insidious form of corporate fascism - then I may even stand up and support the ability of Americans to own assault weapons -weapons designed for only one purpose.

Until then, it is my opinion that this national anti-government gun rights anger - which the availability of assault weapons represents - is nothing more than a sadly misplaced nationalistic economic and social problem-solving effort.

I believe Americans can do better with our socio-economic solutions. And if we can't, then get your kids ready to live overseas where those nations will be able to learn from our mistakes and our smoldering ashes.

"Anger is not surrendering to your lack of control. Hate is surrendering to your anger"

Anonymous said...

This is the typical Wimberley liberal uninformed reaction to anything to do with guns. Yes they favor the Constitutional right to petition but want to deny second amendment rights to gun enthusiasts. It is obvious that none of these people including Ms. Fisher have investigated the restrictions placed on sellers and buyers of fully automatic Class III weapons. No training is required for ownership, just an FBI background check. It is the right of our citizens to own any legal handgun, rifle or shotgun for whatever purpose they wish.

Yes, some guns are meant to be used to kill people and that’s fine with me as it is a deterrent to the bad guys that want to do harm to my family or me. You might want to check into a Concealed Carry license to protect your family, if you care. I like a 12-gauge shotgun for home protection. It gets the job (terminal social work) done without carrying through walls to injure my innocent neighbors.

I live right in the middle of you people and I own several guns and some are so-called assault rifles; all are legal. If that scares you, good! The gun store has the right to be there and sell any legal weapon they chose to. You have nothing to fear from them or me since we are law abiding and have passed background checks by State and Federal investigative agencies. I think some of the protestors are more dangerous to this Country and its freedoms, than a gun shop. Maybe there should be background check for petitioners. I have been in the shop and as far as I can see they are not breaking any laws, so leave them alone. BTW, they probably appreciate the publicity.

Actually, the “Bill of Rights” was written to protect our citizens from a tyrannical Government and the second amendment is vital to that end.

Anonymous said...

"Yes, some guns are meant to be used to kill people and that’s fine with me as it is a deterrent to the bad guys that want to do harm to my family or me. "

Communitarians promoting and signing petitions to eviscerate the bill of rights in whole or part are people seeking to do harm to your family and mine. Signing or petitioning as a process is not the problem. Sharing their viewpoint is not a problem. However trying to actively interfere with second amendment rights is a problem. An obvious defense against the communitarians is the purchase of guns. Apparently they fear people might use guns when some threshold of bill of rights elimination is reached.

From anon#2 and #4: The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to protect individuals from the type of oppressive regime "community" the author promotes - a tyrannical government.

Anonymous said...

Citizens requesting that the shop stop selling class 3 firearms is in no way an attack on the Second Amendment as it is not a governmental action. The Second does not prohibit citizens from expressing their concerns to a business

Anonymous said...

All the diversionary comments about gun rights and it's OK to kill bad guys is nonsense.

No one argues about the right to own handguns, hunting rifles and certain weaponry that is based on collector hobbies.

But the need for assault rifles is plain redneck gibberish. They are tools used for only killing human beings, plain and simple. All you limp noodle machismo goobers out there need to get some therapy if you believe otherwise.

Of course, if we ban assault weapons, we are on a slippery slope to banning all guns - a very clear violation of our Constitution! Blah, blah, blah.
Yeah, and allowing Sarah Palin to run for President is a slippery slope to having a Dominatrix as our Secretary of Defense.

Get a life, redneck mothers and fathers. Look at what asssault weapons have done in Mexico with the drug gangs using them to kill thousands of politicians, women and children, and police. Yes, I know. Mexicans are not responsible types, correct?

The comments I read here are proof that Americans are just plain nuts - and the reason our nation is in the toilet.

We'll see how all you white libertarians like it, when, as Ralph said, the militant leftist Black Panthers (or any other hate group) own their cache of assault weapons. Or when the drug dealers who sell pot and cocaine to your kids near the local high school have an assault rifle in the back seat to defend themselves when an angry parent wants to confront them.

We'll see how anti "oppressive regime" you all will be then.

Anonymous said...

All it takes is one "sane, 'he was a quiet, good boy' hard working young man who opened up with an assault rifle at some local local high school because he wanted to get even at some teacher" incident to change the focus of this entire debate.

It can't happen here, of course. No, not with all the 100% great gun owning NRA loving parents who never beat their kids - or worse. Why don't we buy all our high school graduates a new assault rifle at the tank store?

That would get them started on their way to their new career as Curator for the new Timothy McVeigh Memorial Library (right next to Charleton Heston's gravesite).

Anonymous said...

Dear Young Wimberley Mom do you ever drive up and down MoPac. Does the displayed military hardware at amp Mabry disturb your children? If so please consider therapy for them.

Personally I find the cold hard truth of unemployment I see in every major city of the country more disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Bob Ochoa, you managed to open and old wound in the Wimberley Valley that is populated by both extremes of the argument. Ms. Fisher is just now awakening to a store that has been there for many months which has caused no harm to anyone. Nothing will be solved here except the renewal of interest in the Roundup. The Gun Store and the citizens passing a petition around are both doing legal things. Nothing will be solved and nothing will change. I’ll still have my guns and probably buy more and the malcontents will still have their butts in the air and carp every time they pass the store. I guess this is a purgative for both sides.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with owning an assault rifle! It is legal to buy and own and shoot. The ones that complain the loudest are usually the one that have a “little weed’ stashed in their apartment. I really don’t care myself, but it is illegal to own, to use or to sell.

All this concern over fully automatic class III rifles is silly considering it only takes one well placed .22 bullet to kill you. I am more concerned with 16 year olds being allowed to drive a 4000 lb. car that can kill you just as dead and records show more often. Most of you moms can’t wait to give the car keys to your little cupcake.

The way Wimberley people and Houston tourists drive in the square or in BBs parking lot is more likely to kill you than anything from the Gun Shop. Let’s see, how many people have died from automatic weapon fire here, how about from being run over in the Brookshires Bros. Parking lot?

Anonymous said...

Last Anonymous: you must be senile. "Many months?" I don't think so.

And saying the store is not bothering anyone is like saying pay per view pornography on cable and selling alcohol in huge quantities in a state with the highest AA membership in the US Is just plain innocent leisure capitalism.

Thank you Ochoa for bringing out once again an awareness of the gun cancer in our society that no one wants to honestly address.

Assault rifles should never be sold to the general public, including some of the people making comments herein. Morality police? You're damn right. Someone's got to protect my wife and children from the white supremacist gun nuts and hate mongers here in the "Deliverance" south.

Jeff said...

It surprises me that when it comes to guns, people want to limit freedoms, but when it comes to alcohol in Wimberly, people want no government restrictions as evidenced by the recent vote on the matter.

More people have been killed by drunk drivers than by firearm related deaths, yet the firearms are portrayed as being detrimental to quality of life, when alcohol sales have done more to destroy lives in our community.

The article only confuses matters by using the terms assault rifle and machine gun interchangeably. That is a propaganda tactic used by the media quite often. They will use the word "assault rifle" and show someone shooting a fully automatic weapon. Such tactics confuse the issues, show an ignorance concerning guns and is poor journalism.

Recall, that citizens could purchase fully automatic weapons without any license until 1934.

It was also citizens with weapons that prevented the UT shooter in 1966 from being worse a tragedy than it was. The shooter, Charles Whitman, did not have an assault weapon.

A fully automatic weapon is also known as a machine gun. The term "assault rifle" is used to label scary looking guns, even though they only fire one round for each trigger pull, just like other rifles.They are not "assault anything". One pull of the trigger, one bullet. That is as simple as it gets. Calling them assault rifles adds sensationalism to the firearm tool. To have such hype and sensationalism over the sale of scary looking guns is ludicrous and shows that many people are mis-informed on the issues or ill informed by the mainstream media.

The misleading headline "second amendment versus quality of life" is a false choice and propaganda at its best. The reality is that the second amendment is what provides a 'quality of life'. The false choice generates emotions but presents misleading information.

It is my hope that when second amendment issues are presented in the future they will be done without all the sensationalism, false choices and misleading terms.

John said...

Ms. Fisher,
Are you aware that there are numerous individuals and businesses across Central Texas that will do a Class III firearm transfer? However, in order to possess a Class III firearm (which is not simply an assault rifle; those can be bought at Cabela's), a person must either get a letter directly from the county sheriff which describes the person as a non-threat to the community at large (which by the way no sheriff in Central Texas will do), or you have to own a firearm trust. Owning a firearm trust is not that simple either, as the FBI and ATF background checks are very extensive.
So, for you to imply that this gun store is some sort of threat to our community is simply a statement made out of pure ignorance. These people are running a legitimate, legal business.

Anonymous said...

"Guns are bad and nobody should have them only because I don't like them."

I'd love to see the anti's come up with an argument with any actual legitimate background and statistical basis, not simply projecting their thoughts and fears on all of society.

Personally, I wish somebody would open a shop like this close to me.

Anonymous said...

The article is professional trolling.

If you don't like guns, stay in California.

If you do come here, don't impose your way of thinking on people. It isn't progressive, it's condescending ignorance.

FWIW, the 'community' would be much better served with legally armed citizens, than out of staters that complain about everything they don't like and contribute nothing.

Stainmaster said...

LESS Regulated?????

Are you that ill informed? I personally own, at last count, Five $200 Tax Stamps that come with a purchase of a "Class III" device. Three are for suppressors, two for Lawfully Registered Machine Guns.

What isn't in the story is the part about two 2x2 inch color, Passport Style photographs, two sets of fingerprints, permission from the Chief Local Enforcement Officer (CLEO), Permission from the BATFE, which includes a clearance from the FBI, and several months of waiting.

In March 2008 I purchased my 3rd Suppressor. I wasn't given permission to take possession until September 2008.

And businesses that have been cleared to sell Class III firearms are relatively rare. So don't give me that nonsense about "Less Restrictions". That's nothing but a fantasy dreamed up by people like you.

And just so you know, Machine Guns for civilian use ended on May 19, 1986. Anybody that says otherwise is either lying or is lying. Following is a picture of me and my M16A1 that I bought for $8,000, $9,000 in taxes and fees in November 2003. I received permission to take possession in April 2004. It is now worth around $15,000.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe liberalism is a mental disorder. These people cannot function without meddling around in other people's matters. They need to quit being so fearful of everything.


Anonymous said...

I haven’t been to “The Bunker Gun Store” for several months. It opened last March and nobody is dead! I need to get a price for a collapsible stock for my AR-15 and some more ammo. Thanks for reminding me. BTW, they don’t sell Tanks or Nuclear Weapons. Get a grip people, this store is here to stay and they will get my business. This whole article was unnecessary as was Ms. Fisher’s letter and petition. Sheeple don’t like guns because they don’t understand them and only know what others of their ilk and the left wing media have told them. The owners located the store where it is, rather than in the Peoples Republic of Wimberley.

Anonymous said...

Anna's ignorance on firearms laws and issues completely undercuts her argument. The most glaring flaws have to do with Class 3 laws.

1. The simple "background check" for a class 3 weapon involves the level of scrutiny normally applied to folks such as FBI recruits. It is not the simple check for normal firearms.

2. In order to buy a class 3 weapon these days you need enough spare change to buy a BMW. Ever since the NFA registry was closed in the 80s the market price has skyrocketed to the point where only wealthy collectors can own these guns.

3. You can buy a gun that looks like an AK-47 or M-16, but that functions like any other sporting or hunting weapon in that it only shoots one bullet at a time (i.e., not machine guns). And contrary to Anna's implication, these are excellent hunting, sporting, and self-defense firearms.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 1990's a piece like this would have gotten legitimate attention. These days however, citizens are more informed and don't believe (from movies) that all the criminals are running around with automatic weapons, blowing up police cars or riding around in tanks blowing up orphanages.

If your kids are that scared of tanks, really, seek psychological help because if the mere sight of something that our proud men and women in the military use to fulfill their jobs and duty to this country, clearly YOU as a parent are the problem here.

Believe it or not, many millions (yes millions) of gun owners didn't commit a crime yesterday and while's it's a simple, knee jerk reaction to lump all gun owners that you do not personally know (And by the indication of your children being scared of an inanimate object, brought about poor parenting) into the criminal element, then I'm sorry to say, you are probably the one that needs to talk to a psychotherapist.

A "hoplophobe" is someone with an *irrational* fear of weapons. It's not something to be ashamed of, but please, not to instill your stereotypes, bigotry onto the next generation that will be running this country.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Great, I didn't even know this store was here, thanks a lot, I an't wait to go! BTW, you are confusing Class 3 guns w/ semi-automatic rifles. Nobody can just walk in and buy a machine gun. It takes ATF approval, thousands of dollars and months of background checks and Federal BS. Get your stuff straight. This is nothing more than a know nothing scare story.

Anonymous said...

The implication that the UT shooter recently with the AK47 used a Class III automatic weapon is an outright lie. It was a semi-automatic, one-trigger-pull, one-bullet rifle. Class III automatic weapons are rare, require months of extensive background checks and paperwork, and run into the thousands, to tens of thousands of dollars.

The article writer cannot point to the last time a crime was committed with an automatic weapon. These scare-stories about "community" and feel-good nonsense are a parasite on honest reporting.

Aimless said...

Hi, look here~

Aaron said...

A few brief corrections:

Class 3 weapons are basically never used in crimes.
The rifle used at UT was not a class 3 weapon. It was a semi-automatic rifle.
Class 3 weapons are not referred to as "assault weapons". That's some nonsense that was made up in the 90s to make regular rifles sound scary.
You cannot get a class 3 in ten minutes. The author is juxtaposing context. You can get a handgun in ten minutes, perhaps. But no store advertises getting a class 3 weapon in ten minutes.

I would imagine that the local paper would not publish this because it is either horrendously dishonest writing, or the writer has shown an astonishing level of ignorance about the subject.

Anonymous said...

And yet the overwhelming majority of gun crime in the USA is committed by black and hispanic street gangs involved in the drug trade who use cheap stolen handguns.
Go figure.

patrick said...

The question posed by the RoundUp is far from unbiased, "Which comes first, your 2nd Amendment rights or your community's quality of life?"

Which comes first, your safety, or your 4th and 1st Amendment rights? It's a false dichotomy and irrelevant. Is the better question that individuals in the Wimberley area are scared and resistance to change and seek some sort of control or power over others in order to create some false fantasy of how others should live their lives?

The other Gun Store up here in Williamson County hasn't hurt our community. We count it among the many diverse and wonderful businesses.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you know what a Class 3 weapon is. A semi-automatic AK clone or AR-15 is not class 3.

Fully automatic weapons and sound suppressors require you pay a $200 tax to the Department of Treasury/ATF. They run an extensive background check and around 6 months later will send your tax stamp back and approve the transfer of your class 3 weapon.

Machine guns are not cheap, you're looking at $3000+ for something like a poorly made Mac 10, $15,000 for an M16, and it goes up from there depending on the rarity of your purchase. Due to the Firearms Owners Protection Act (specifically the Hughes Amendment) you cannot purchase a machine gun that was entered into the NFA registry after May 1986, hence the high price and rarity of these weapons.

Daniel said...

This woman is a feminist idiot. An "assault weapon" is a term brought up from Hollywood, such as when Arnold Schwarzenegger busts through a window firing a full-auto M16 at the hip, killing everyone and saving the day. Buying a semi-auto AR15 or AK does not justify hostile intent or action. You could buy any firearm and still get the same effect or better of that of a semi-auto AR15 or AK. Now, for Class III items (also called Title II firearms), which include, machine guns (any weapon firing more than one shot with one pull of the trigger), silencer (suppressors), short barreled rifles/shotguns (any stocked firearm with a barrel shorter than 16"), AOW (Any Other Weapon - pen guns, flashlight guns, "shotgun pistols"), is not an in-and-out process of that of your standard run-of-the-mill Title I firearms (semi-autos, pumps, single shot, bolt action, etc.). Purchasing a Class III firearm take many months to get to the point to where you can take it home. The paperwork can be long, and there is a $200 tax fee associated with the item (AOWs are $5). The BATFE (which is a FEDERAL BUREAU), has to approve the purchasers transfer forms. Class III items are investments, and your everyday criminal isn't going to spend that type of money for his wrong doings. Why buy a $14,000 machine gun when you could get a $300 rifle? Machine guns are like gold. In the 80's, an M16 could be had for about $500. Now, they run at about $14,000, which is pretty cheap. The prices on machine guns will continue to rise.
Kids aren't as interested in Class III firearms. They are more interested in getting in bars and drinking under age. Why? Because they can afford alcohol, but not a machine gun or other Class III items. And besides, by the time they can purchase a Class III item, they will be able to buy all the alcohol and women they want.
I do thank the feminist lady for writing about this store. She made it get attention, and I am sure the people who have read about her little rant stopped by to check it out. This is TEXAS...and we got guns and s*!%. So deal with it or move back to California.

Anonymous said...

There is little factual detail in this article, outside of there being a gun store in Wimberley.

Here is one though: Do a little research on how many crimes have been committed with LEGALLY owned, fully automatic weapons. I believe the answer you will find is NONE.
Folks that purchase these guns tend to have above average discretionary income, clean records, and very big safes to keep these very expensive weapons.

But nice try at attempting to use emotion and extremely twisted "facts" to make your point Ms. Fisher.

Anonymous said...

This ridiculous protest about “class 3 guns” is suspiciously similar to the recent and ongoing objection of the little white crosses with an American flag attached, that are seen in front yards and on fences in and all around Wimberley. There were several nuts protesting them because the “felt” the cross/flag displays were signifying the religious tolerance of Christians. They didn’t even understand that their protest was in itself, religious intolerance. What unmitigated ignorance! This is what they do when not disrupting meetings and closing their roads to automobile traffic.

Apparently Wimberley has a small group of left-wing malcontents, mommies and busybodies of which Ms. Fischer is a shining example. I don’t know if they come from California, Houston, Austin or Mars but they are an embarrassment to the rest of us in the “community”. It is almost like someone opened a time capsule for the sixties and these bozos rolled out. Now I know why people responded with that uncomfortable smile when I asked about the people of Wimberley when I moved here.

Anonymous said...

That wonderful "society" may be peaceful right now. However, when it becomes like gangland LA and your right to defend yourself is gone, don't come crying to me.

Roger said...

Looks like the lady and her anti-gun (class III) position are seriously outgunned. The gun rights folks are executing an excellent rear guard tactical maneuver to protect their own position. This is a pretty good debate. Some of the comments are actually helpful in filling in information not in the article. No need to get emotional, just lay the bare facts out there and you will see that this is probably a case of much ado about nothing. We all have equal rights and we should all be treated with respect in our positions. Just remember, always practice SAFETY around guns.

Anonymous said...

I am a Veteran of the United States Army, and I am asking you a serious question?

Why are you working to undo what I have fought to protect?

Please if you don't like the right to defend yourself then don't defend yourself. But please don't try to take that right from others. It is selfish and rude.

Sincerely a concerned Vet

Anonymous said...

I'd say the answer to the question in the title of the article is that Second Amendment rights and community quality of life both come first. Are they compatible? I'd say yeah so long as everyone stays cool and places the "peace loving" value above everything.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ms. Fischer, I didn't know Wimberley had a gun shop that carried Class 3 items. Next time I am passing through the San Marcos area, I may have to swing by and check it out.

Does anyone know what suppressors they carry? I am in need of a decent .22 can.

More people have commited crimes with steak knives than with legally obtained class 3 weapons (I personally can only find 2 cases of a legal class 3 firearm being used in a crime), so should we ban steak knives...?

JMcD said...

"Which comes first, your 2nd Amendment rights or your community's quality of life?"

Obviously, if you are an American citizen the answer is the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

The fact that an adult human being (the author) is so functionally stupid is more frightening to me the fact that a federally licensed firearms dealer is actively pursuing their chosen profession. To actually believe, and then to publicly announce, a deep fear of inanimate objects is an admission of mental incompetence. Though I am inclined to believe it is more likely intellectual dishonesty and an authoritarian bent.

In addition to identifying your completely incompetent analysis of the Title II weapons sales and how they affect the "criminal" element, I would like to challenge the author to provide actual examples of these weapons (registered machine guns) being used in crimes. Here's a hint, since the advent of the NFA registry in 1934, the number is less than 5. Two of them were owned by police officers.

The author's intimation that the store and it's owner is a criminal enterprise that exists due to some vagary in the law is insulting and nearly slanderous. Were I speaking to you, as the store owner, I would have ended the interview as well. You were not seeking education, rather you were looking to bolster your own self image by standing up to the "evil gun peddler". Reason and intelligent discourse were not your intention and wasting time trying to convince a Sarah Brady acolyte would not have been a valuable use of his time.

Luckily the founders of this great experiment, that we are lucky enough to live in, enshrined the basic protections of pre-existing, natural rights in our founding documents. That way people who use feelings rather than logic are restrained from denying the rest of the adults in the nation the ability to defend themselves as they see fit.

The author of this essay probably believes that murdering someone with a hammer is somehow more noble than murdering them with a GUN. This is a distinction that I am unwilling to make, murder is an act, a firearm is a thing, neither good nor bad, unless used by a person for good or evil.

As for Ralph, in addition to being condescending and insulting, you might also look up Sigmund Freud's thoughts on fear of weapons.

The fact that this article was printed in Texas is disgusting, the author and all of the proponents of this petition should immediately put their homes on the market and move to a state where the rest of the people have already surrendered their rights to those who would enslave them.

Anonymous said...

I think more concerning than the type of business is the alarming levels of anxiety that citizens seem to suffer as a normal course of things. Whether it's gun shops or some other legitimate, legal activity, there is never a lack of unfortunate citizens who struggle daily to get over their paralyzing fear of mundane activities. It's a shame how this need is commonly expressed in the form of an attempt to feel normal by getting others to share their inflated, anxiety-ridden panic.

Anonymous said...

The level of discourse is certainly lacking here, on both sides. The "ti looks like an automatic weapon so it's dangerous" argument is nonsense. As is the "their trying to take away my guns" argument.

I own firearms, I shoot. Don't care for assault style weapons, had my fill of the real ones. Don't care for .223 or 5.56mm as a cartridge. Just my personal choice.

TXCitizen said...

I'd like to know where the author of this post is really from. This is not the opinion of someone that was raised in a smalltown Texas environment.

The comments supporting the author's position are concerning, referring to people as "rednecks" for enjoying a shooting hobby or collecting guns. Guess what? That's how life is in the country! Why would people who fear guns and "rednecks" move out to their community and try to make it fit their image of what a small town should be?

I would posit that the "rednecks" have more a claim to petition people who think like the author to pick up and move out of THEIR town than the author's supporters have to petition the legally operated business to cease any class 3 activities.

Anonymous said...

pure drivel...

Anonymous said...

You are the definition of a "Busy Body".

You are espousing non-sense, while flying the banner of perceived rights. You lost the "right" to your safe utopia when the Supreme Court struck down the idea that police are responsible for the well being of citizens.

Purchasing a Class III weapon is a long and involved process which makes buying a home seem like a simple ATM exchange. It is also something which not everyone entitled, and the criteria that someone must meet is very strict.

It is never a good idea to base an argument on emootion, as it is a very unstable foundation for ideas.

Please try to stick to topics you fully understand in the future.

Anonymous said...

There was a time in America, not too long ago, that young boys were taught to handle and shoot firearms by their Fathers. Many boys actually owned their own .22 rifles by the age of 12. They shot rabbits and squirrels and varmints found around the farm. This was a right of passage for the young men passed down from their Dads. Sadly today, this is rare mostly because many boys are being raised by overburdened single Mothers with attitudes that like those espoused by Ms. Fisher.

Charles O'Dell said...

Anon:'The purpose of the Bill of Rights is to protect individuals from the type of oppressive regime "community" the author promotes - a tyrannical government.'

I'm not worried about a US military takeover requiring civilian guerrilla warfare with firearms. I'm worried about the takeover going on at virtually ever level of government that good citizenship (voting) can resolve in a democracy.

Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution states: "The inhabitants of the United Mexican States have a right to arms in their homes, for security and legitimate defense, with the exception of arms prohibited by federal law and those reserved for the exclusive use of the Army, Navy, Air Force and National Guard. Federal law will determine the cases, conditions, requirements, and places in which the carrying of arms will be authorized to the inhabitants."

Just think---if Mexican civilians were more like us they could make short work of those drug gangs---by exercising their rights to own guns.

Oh, I'm sorry. Our guns are to defend ourselves from a military takeover.

Somebody has been watching too many Hollywood movies.

US gun second amendment rights are not about "protecting individuals from oppressive regimes," they are about big business.

Anonymous said...

You know, before I read the responses to this article, I would have bet that the vast majority of this blog's readers were strongly leftward leaning. But, apparently there is a strong mix of people from the right who frequent this site as well. I suppose this blog has finally brought them to the surface. Way to go Bob, I guess this site is more diverse than I would have ever thought.

Anonymous said...

Go away, O’Dell you are making less sense every time you comment here. Maybe you inhaled too much of the diesel fumes on the bus ride or something. Quoting the Mexican Constitution is the most recent of your absurdities, though not the most outrageous. Your explaining of the purpose of the 2nd. Amendment is laughable. Only you could attempt to relate the right to to “keep and bear arms” to the evils of big business. Maybe you need to eat more fish.

Rocky Boschert said...

"US gun second amendment rights are not about 'protecting individuals from oppressive regimes,' they are about big business."

To follow up on Charles's point, let us look at the investment side of the big business of guns and weaponry suppliers. FYI, most of us liberals would prefer to make money on the gun mania, not on the macho bravado associated with it.

First, there are very few stand-alone publicly traded firearms companies. Ruger (symbol RGR) and Smith and Wesson (symbol SWHC) are the main ones.

Second, almost all firearms manufacturers are small cogs in a much larger company or are privately owned. For example, privately managed holding company Cerberus Capital Management owns Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS, Marlin, and H&R.

On the other hand, you lethal investing machines could buy stock in the companies that sell the hardware and paraphenalia, such as Cabella's and Wal-Mart.

Unfortunately, it is already too late to invest in the guns and ammo madness that occured after Obama's election, as the stock price of the gun suppliers went down as fast as they went up (probably because Bubba eventually realized President Obama was just as "white" as Condelezza Rice and Colin Powell".

Now, I know all you touch macho dudes will think I'm a "liberal weenie" -which I gladly admit I am a "liberal" - but I like the company that makes the Taser stun gun. As it turns out, the price of the stock (symbol TASR) is still flatlining due to all the bad publicity about the deaths caused by police while initially using the stun gun.

But all that is about to change. Urban police forces are once again buying tasers like crazy simply because the nation's police forces are coming to an important understanding that heavy weaponry is unnecessary and that stun guns serve the purpose for arrest and police officer protection over 75% of the time.

But then again, based on the comments I read here, what would the nation's urban police forces know about the use of force and personal protection?

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Rocky, none of those gun companies were around when the second amendment was written. The real big business was ship building and shipping goods between America and Europe and Asia. I feel that yours and Charles’ statements are bogus and just another chance for you to rant about the big corporate evil that you see behind every tree and under every rock. You are trying to create a relation that did not exist.

The second amendment was written around the fact that there were many armed men that protected the citizenry from the savages and the Brits. There would have been more than one revolution if they had forbid their citizens to possess and carry firearms. This country wouldn’t have lasted very long had they not provided for the citizens the keep and bear arms.

By the way, modern police don’t protect the citizens, they just arrive after the fact to photograph the bodies and collect evidence.

Jon Thompson said...

I have read most of the comments on this blog's topic, and have missed the one obvious answer to the initial question - why does it have to be either our 2nd Amendment rights or our community's quality of life? Why not both?

I would dare say that it is because of our 2nd Amendment right (not unlike the closely related 1st Amendment right we enjoy to speak our mind FREELY) that we enjoy QUALITY OF LIFE (sorry for the caps, but can't italicize on this comment page).

Quality of life = freedom = Bill of Rights (1st - 10th), all inclusive, excluding none, and subjugating none to second class status.

Rocky Boschert said...

What I find amazing is how the political rationale for gun ownership is based on not just personal protection and hobbying passion, but protection from a "tyrannical government."

Sure, government abuses happen. Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc. And often the government parties responsible are not prosecuted or fired and, in fact, even can get promoted. That is truly government abuse.

But the sane reality remains: corporate big business controls our Federal and state governments. If you pro-arms folks think the Iraq war was anything other than a big oil middle east power grab, then you people will be the one fighting a false tyrannical enemy when the crap hits the fan.

And if you think the unemployment of the middle class and the rich getting richer at the expense of you hard working Americans is caused by big government regulations and tyranny, at least I won't be the fool on the 2nd Amendment anti-government hill when the "fighting" really starts.

Collect your guns if you like. But take a hard look at who is the real cause of the failure of America to remain strong. Ask yourself why American companies are bending over joyously for Chinese business and Vietnamese cheap labor - at the devastating expense of the American worker.

Unfortunately, based on many of your comments. it looks like "they" really can fool some of the people all of the time.

In the end, if not being fooled by the political reality of our national plight is who I am, then I am a proud liberal and will fight you for my right to tell the truth and try to get you see that truth - something all your gun toys cannot deny.

Charles O'Dell said...

"The second amendment was written around the fact that there were many armed men that protected the citizenry from the savages and the Brits."

Would you expand on the relevance of this today?

Who are the savages and the Brits today from whom the citizenry need to be protected---and who are those armed men to protect us today?

Anonymous said...

Hey, last Anonymous. The "savages" who you say our guns protected us from THREE HUNDRED YEARS AGO were genocided and reduced to shitty-land alcohol reservations by the then European colonialists - i.e. us American settlers.

And now we are the imperialist nation who has a small group of sociopathically angry Muslims who are kicking our ass overseas and through the fear we carry around in our fading power. All the guns in the world will not change that fact.

Get your historical head out of your ass and start seeing your own complicity in our failures.

Anonymous said...

I think this thread has descended into the deepest darkest realm of stupidity although it started from some pretty stupid assumptions by the ignorant anti-gun crowd. What a waste of time and cyber space!

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous before Jon Thompson, you are the saddest kind of American.

First, you have a distorted and ignorant view of American history. You are also disrecpectful of law enforcement and the people who you will rely on when one of your crazy drunk gun loving neighbors threatens to shoot away your manhood because he is tired of your mindless rants.

I guess you were permanently scarred when the police never came while you were chained up in the basement during most of your childhood.

Show some class - or get a life.

Anonymous said...

I know the store, and the folks involved - I didn't think they had a tank out front, just a WWII truck.

The rest of the article doesn't read true as well - it's pretty twisted to a specific agenda.

Anonymous said...

I'm as liberal at it gets, and have no jproblem at all with this store, other than there's nothing in it I want to purchase.

And as I drove by today I observed there is no tank; so where was the young Wimberley Mom?

anna fisher said...

Comments fell into 3 categories:1) AUTHOR'S CREDENTIALS:4th generation Texan..Texan to the bone.2)Expertise: CJ major at UofH: 23 yr career w/Harris Co. Comm.Ct,serving as liaison with Criminal Justice system. 3)Prep for Art.: :Spoke w/3 ATF agents, Hays Co. DA:s office, San Marcos Chf.Homeland Sec, and cl 3 gun store mgrs. All facts presented are verifiable.
Those of you suggestinh I leave Texas, pls know I feel perfectly secure and at home in Texas and plan to stay. If u have such fear of US gov that you arm yourself with major firepower, perhaps, u would be more comfortable in another country. However, having traveled the world, I cannot think af any nation that would allow you to keep your arsenal. 4) 2nd Amend: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms... Are you a member of a "well regulated militia"? 5) EasyPurchase: Easy purchase process is the promise of the gun dealers who assist purchaser in process. According to the ATF, a purchaser must choose a particular weapon, complete questionnaire and form, get signed off with Chf.Legal Enf.Off. The ATF/NFA then conducts a background check.
FINALLY, to the person trashing SarahBady, whose husband was shot while protecting Pres. Reagan, I say such disrespect and lack of compassion are beyond the pale of human decency. And to those many who maligned the Wimberley mom, I ask, "Why so much hate?"

Give peace a chance!


Anonymous said...

I don't believe that the previous post was actually by "Anna Fisher"

That has too be a troll post.

No one with the education level posted, would write anything that dumb.

Tired of Goober said...

Last Al-Anonymous. Yes, I would not doubt that Ms. Fisher is the person presented. So maybe what you should be saying is that she is a lot smarter than many of you gun nuts are, and that your mass rants are uneducated and hate based dribble.

Peace, my brother, is something that Jesus promoted. Try that - instead of your paranoid anger.

Ralph said...

After all these attacks on Ms. Fisher, one thing I can see plain as a clear day. All you freedom fighters are thinking and pretending like you free because the Man knows that by giving you your guns and the hostile bluster to rant about your guns, they still have your balls in a vise when it comes to your economic freedom and your real personal liberty.

Living in a mobile home with you guns because you are too much in debt - while praying the Republican hustler politician you voted for will allow you to have a little extra unemployment money to get you through to the next tax cuts for their rich buddies in not freedom. It is tyranny - the real tyranny you gun boys live with every day.

Guns are the "hanging rope" of your future and your pain killer for today. Enjoy your illusion of liberty while you can.

Anonymous said...

Anna? Said: “FINALLY, to the person trashing SarahBady [sic], whose husband was shot while protecting Pres. Reagan, I say such disrespect and lack of compassion are beyond the pale of human decency.”

I say: NOT TRUE, Sarah’s husband was Whitehouse Press Secretary to Reagan and he wasn’t protecting anyone, he was protecting himself by ducking (check the video). She shamefully used the injury to her husband to push a liberal anti-gun agenda. She deserves no special respect.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Fisher, the Supreme Court recntly ruled tha the 2nd was a personal guarantee. While I agree with you that the "well regulated milita" phrase means otherwise, the Supremes do not.

BTW folks, find me another Amendment with such a phrase.

Anonymous said...

Criminal justice Major? So no actual Bachelorate in Criminal Justice? I am confused because someone who actually graduated with a degree in criminal justice would actually know that Slander and malicious acusations do not fly with the court systems here in Tx. If you would really like to prove whatever point you are trying to make then produce a little thing we call evidence. I personally know the employees of the Gun Store and it has been brought to my attention that nothing you have claimed has any legal value to it. Claim it as an opinion and stop trying to make it sound as if you have the law on your side. Have you ever been involved in a lawsuit? The one thing you missed is not verifying your facts... leaving you open for legal action by the falsly accused parties.

Just my personal OPINION

Good Luck with your petition

Anonymous said...

Last Anon. What you have offered as proof is in a court of law called heresay, and absent an exception, not admissable.

Anonymous said...

Stating the owner refused to talk to her is by no means slander or libel. Please go back to community college.

Heston's Reflective Spirit said...

In summary: Guns are the opium of the right wing masses.

Liberty is not owning guns; liberty is not needing guns.

Anonymous said...

This particular Blog Post is a masterful selection by Bob Ochoa, witness 70 comments and counting. It is a controversial subject in any American population but in the Wimberley Valley it is even more so. It seems that a good-sized core of Liberals inhabit this “little piece of heaven”. They can be counted on to be opposed to Christianity, Guns, George Bush, US Military, The Tea Party, Free Market Economy, Airplanes and other Conservative ideals.

I have been trying to figure out why these Liberals exist here in such apparent numbers in the center of otherwise Conservative Hays County. I can only assume that, being malcontents, they voice their displeasure more often and more vitriolic than Conservatives and gather in groups as herding animals do, to appear larger and for protection. Most of the Liberals debate in a courteous manner but a few like ‘Ralph’ engage in insulting name calling because they lack the intelligence to form convincing arguments.

Ms. Fisher’s initial comments and her follow-up posts are examples that expose the weaknesses and ignorance of her tribe about the things they claim to detest. They can’t really be expected to understand the idea of gun ownership and why it is important in America. I will never convince them and they will never convince me. One thing they can’t argue with is the fact that areas with more personal gun ownership have less person on person crime! I will continue to support the Gun Shop with my purchases and my words. - Peace

RoundUp Editor said...

For the record, the RoundUp contacted the Bunker Gun Store Thursday, Dec. 9, for a statement or a comment.

We spoke to the store's manager, who said he 'runs the company'. He refused to give his name, declined our offer for a statement to clarify any information he believed to be incorrect in Ms. Fisher's post, and said the store owner also was not interested in commenting.

The store manager hung up on us, but not before angrily accusing the RoundUp of trying to close down his business.

Not so. What the Bunker sells is legal. That is apart from the issue and the questions raised by Ms. Fisher in her post.

An officer with the Sheriff's Department has told the RoundUp that most so-called class 3 automatic weapons that he has seen being processed for sale go to private contractors and law enforcement individuals. This suggests that they are not being sold willy-nilly to the general public.

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that Ms. Fisher had no idea of what she was talking about. Hardly the catalyst for an article except maybe one on the wacky left and their lack of knowledge regarding guns.
Bob, I suspect the Gun Store people are a little pissed off at your somewhat biased title for this post, “Which comes first, your 2nd Amendment rights or your community's quality of life?”. The inciteful title infers that the two things are in conflict, which they are not.
Your Dec. 8 update talks about the shots that Ms. Fisher took; may I remind you that she fired first. This whole thing began with an overly sensitive Mommy hallucinating about Tanks and Machine Guns being sold to the general public scaring her kids. I wish you had researched further, by checking with the Gun Store before publishing this non-story. They might have talked to you at that time.

Ralph said...

To the Anonymous right before RoundUp Editor:

You are a blowhard pompous ass. How is that for name calling?

Who in hell do you think you are - determining that Hays County is a "conservative county" with malcontent liberals. You are the malcontent, sounding like the ignorant male Sarah Palin of the county, making it seem as if only you and your redneck "true American" types should live in Hays County. Screw you.

Add in the fact that I have not seem more name calling at Ms. Fisher from your hate fans than I could ever say myself at any time.

Let's face it. People like you are not conservatives. You and your pompous ass ilk are Republicans. There is a clear difference.

True conservatives would support freedom of speech and the right of a person to say what he or she thinks, without resorting to personal attacks and dirty name calling in personal e-mails she has received. Yes, you and your types are real American class acts.

True conservatives would not support corporate welfare to big business while voting against small businesses and individual rights that promote wars based on lies and political crimes. True conservatives would not try to change the US Constitution to control people. True conservatives would not be homophobic and xenophobic, believing that every individual can live their life without discrimination and hate.
You neo-Republicans are none of these values.

Ms. Fisher has more courage and intelligence in her left finger than you have in your entire body. She has the courage to state her name; you hide behind your cowardly Anonymous statement, exemplifing fear and ignorance that is the real domain of you phony neo-conservative hypocrite.

Instead of writing in to this great Blog to expose your hate and ignorance, I strongly suggest you go back to your gun hut and try not to hurt yourself.

Rocky Boschert said...

Hey all you gun lovers. Check it out.

I wrote on December 7 that TASR was a good stock to own because police were ordering taser stun guns like crazy - as they were safer than guns and did less damage when used.

Well, for those of you who took my advice, you saw the TASR stock jump up 20% on December 8 for the reasons I stated. Of course I had no inside information other than talking to law enforcement professionals and using common sense after much bad publicity.

Ironically, the cynical Anonymous immediately following my TASR post at 7:29 PM on December 7 said that cops were essentially worthless to society and what the hell did I know.

Well, those of you society members who didn't think cops were worthless are now 10% to 20% richer if you listened to my story, used logic, and bought TASR stock.

To be fair though, I must admit: I'm a "liberal" professional money manager - so I have a slight advantage.

TASR is still a good buy if you think cops contribute anything to society - an assumption which I am willing to put my money where my mouth is.

If you disagree, the stock symbol for the parent company of Fox News is NWS.

Scott said...

First off, to Ralph:
You're doing exactly what you're complaning against: Getting emotional, name calling, being hypocritical, and labeling other entities of people (i.e. "neo-republicans" "conservatives" etc.)as a bunch of looney tunes types of people instead of trying to be the better man and logically sort things out. Here is a proud republican who is willing to do just that.....

And speaking of hypocritical types, the Democratic Party has an excellent record of trying to change the U.S. Constitution by eliminating our 2nd Amendment rights and therefore oppresing its people. Even Hillary Clinton admitted you can't trust Obama about our gun rights. Isn't that sad? Although its more than just Obama, I thought I would throw that in there as an up to date example.

And now on to my issue:
I'm all about the Bill of Rights, as every single one is just as important as the other. And wether you like it or not, the 2nd is there to help protect the rest. Look at a few examples in history where mass populations were disarmed and then severely oppressed. It happened to the Jews in Nazi-Germany and the Armenian population within the Ottoman Empire before World War I. Think something like that can't happen again? It sure as hell can. In plain, principle orientated thinking:If the 2nd amendment falls, the rest will surely follow. Your's, Ms. Fisher's, and mine's freedom of speech to press issues will be gone. Please think about that.

Ms. Fisher's article is an excellent example of excercising the 1st amendment, unfortunately she is attacking the 2nd. And while I give her great respect for her courage in posting this, her intelligence is found lacking in this particular issue. It is one of the worst sensationalist laden articles I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Little to no research was done, or if it was it was highly contorted to fit her apparent mindset. This article was masterfully crafted to make everything in the Gun Store to sound as if it is all NFA (class 3) items, and that it is hurting the community, etc.

First point being, directed generally to Ms. Fisher, know what you're talking about before you decide to raise issue about it.

Second, I respect your 1st amendment rights, so please respect the community's and mine's 2nd amendment rights. If everyone does just that, then we can all live in peace and harmony together, etc..... I hope the gun store is there to stay to help supply my personal interests/ hobby in hunting and target shooting. If you don't like the store, just keep driving by and pretend its not there.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Many people dislike the notion of people owning suppressors and full auto weapons. The question is, why? Many people enjoy suppressors (silencers) for target shooting, as well as hunting. They make your gun relatively quiet. Less noise pollution, less animals running away when you're trying to hunt, etc. As for machine guns, people obviously want to be able to protect their family and property. Generally, this means having a firearm. Well, assume you come face to face with three or four men. What do you suppose your chances of disabling all of them are if you have a semi-auto pistol or revolver, before they kill you? Not good. Give the same person that "nasty old AK-47", and chances are, you'll come out on top.

Face it...we have many items we "don't need". That doesn't mean we don't want them, and they don't have a use.

Anonymous said...

Roundup Editor said:

“For the record, the RoundUp contacted the Bunker Gun Store Thursday, Dec. 9, for a statement or a comment.”

Sorry Bob, no cigar; that was nine (9) days after you ran the article. Face it, you should have vetted Ms. Fisher and her story and at least contacted the store before you ran the article. Ms. Fisher proved to be ignorant of the subject and was running on emotion, prejudice and the fear. Neither of those are the basis of for good journalism.

Ms. Fisher is guilty of Yellow Journalism, as she appears to be an unapologetic anti-gun activist. I am not sure that you were complicit in the ruse but you were certainly careless in going along with and printing her false allegations without researching the facts. I have learned to expect more from the Roundup and hope that this yellow stain will fade quickly.

Ralph said...

Hey Gun Bubbas.

OK, so I get a little carried away with my mean-spirited labels at you gun romanticists. So let me clarify my thoughts in this last Comment post re: this article for all you sensitive and loving cowboys out there.

First of all, this is the United States, with constitutional amendments that are really much more meaningful, relevant and under attack these days than the Second Amendment. For instance, what happened to your love for the First Amendment? Why is someone’s freedom to say she dislikes weapons and guns that are nothing more than military weapons to kill human beings and they should not be sold to civilians – and with questionably lax permit requirements – so vehemently attacked.” Why do you self-righteous gun lovers not chastise your own for insults and unmanly behavior towards Ms. Fisher? Is it simply ignorance and lack of manners – or hypocrisy?

Second, you so-called libertarian purist supplicants are stuck in 18th century thinking. As Charles O’Dell points out – what is the factual relevance of the 2nd Amendment today? And why do you white gun guys and right wing Republicans always bring up Obama? He has said or done absolutely nothing to make you worry about having your military toys taken away. If I am wrong, show me quotes or other facts to prove your point. Again, is it simple ignorance and lack of facts - or closet racism?

Third, why do you not see that your precious 2nd Amendment rights is nothing more than a pacification strategy by the US elite corporate oligarchy (i.e. your lobby money controlled government) to make you think you have freedom and liberty in our country? Being able to buy guns up at the store has nothing at all to do with your economic freedom – because you really have none - other than your ability to choose from very limited product distributors and corporate malls. Remember when cable was commercial free TV? Remember when you could shop at local food markets? Remember when your wages and lifestyle would improve with hard work, but now your work harder and get further and further in debt. Is it ignorance, or free markets self-delusion?

Finally, anyone who says that liberals and people who voice their opinion and have different ideas of what makes our region and country a better place – is a “malcontent” and should move to California or Europe – IS a pompous ass.

Oops, there I go again. I digress.

Quixote said...

Happily, Ralph is part of a shrinking minority of ultra-liberals or anarchists that contribute nothing to the world except discontent within their own miserable little cell. They believe in nothing, offer nothing and that is what they will be remembered for, nothing.

Ralph said...

And unfortunately, Quixote is the new breed of ultra conservative destroyers of the middle class who chooses to be ignorant and complacent about the very real corporate fascism that blind people like him think is a superior economic system.

Notice how Quixote uses words that mean nothing without facts, and he cannot present his assumptions in any tangible sensible train of thought, other than mindless ranting about anarchism etc. It is so indicative of the "Honor Thy Conservative Father" supplicancy of hateful right wing extremism.

What you gun nuts are unable to dispute is that with all your weapons and ammo, you cannot control your own economic destiny -as you have given up that ability to your own religious blindness about the American Dream.

Keep your guns at the ready. You are going to need them when your Republican Party heroes ultimately come after you with their offers of a low hourly wage and threats that your job will go overseas if you don't take their deal.

Don said...

The best arguments liberals usually come up with are personal attacks and name-calling. They seem generally incapable cogent discussion with any salient point, other than name-calling and character assassinations.

Ralph, What are you FOR? What IS your agenda? Do you LIKE anything?

Rocky B. said...

Hey gun buddies: As of today, December 17, TASR stock is up almost 20% since my comment on December 7.

Make money, not war.

Gun Dealer License said...

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