Sunday, August 8, 2010

Will Conley Gone Wild!

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Two questions came to mind while watching the videos below from a recent county commissioners court meeting.
The clips were posted by an alert Wimberley citizen a few days ago and they've been getting a lot of viewers. The questions were: Has Will Conley, mid way through his second term as a county commissioner, become a full blown megalomaniac? And is the commissioner from Precinct 3 now vying to become the political 'bait and switch' king of Hays County?

Conley tops nominee list
for Gold Plated Rim Award of 2010

The bait: Conley wants to offer cities carte blanc maintenance of some of their roads that are considered "integral" to the county road system. What city governmental body would refuse an offer like that?? And who gets stuck with the tab – county taxpayers once again, that's who. There would be no public hearings or open discussion of which roads or how many are maintained by the county, not under Conley's proposed arrangement.

Conley, unbeknown to many, is making his mark as one of the biggest public spenders in Hays County history, spreading expensive black top around, picking up private roads for county maintenance like there's no tomorrow and scoring a lot of political points in the process. We recently heard from a
citizen about receiving a phone call from Conley out of the blue one day. The commissioner asked, "How'd you like your road paved?" Well Yeah. Conley likes to tell folks these are citizen petition driven projects. This one apparently was self-initiated, and seemingly without any regard to cost or need.

When the rubber meets the road at budget writing time and commissioners have to vote on next year's tax increase, caused in part by Conley's wild spending, he will most assuredly vote no. That's the switch. He's done it before, to play favor to his conservative Republican base. There's no reason to believe he won't pull the switch again during the vote next month on the county's final 2011 budget and tax rate. Conley loves to dole out the taxpayers' cash. He also seems to have a hard time mustering the courage to vote to pay for his own spending. He would rather announce that he voted no on principle and let his colleagues on the court take the heat for the tax hike.

If Conley wants the county to take over maintenance of city roads (a very expensive proposition) he should make his case reasonably and honestly during the budget process. He should cite the roads, their lengths, the short and long term maintenance costs, and the projected impact on taxpayers and the county budget. Ramming the plan through commissioners court, as is Conley's preferred approach, shows disregard for the public and disrespect for the process. He could begin by explaining his $150,000 plan to black top Flite Acres Rd in Wimberley, including a good portion that is inside the city limits, in which the city would receive a freebie. The road received a fresh coat of chip seal just two years ago. What's the rush and what's the deal here? Could it be that Conley is paving the way for a new development somewhere along a proposed new connector road between Flite Acres and FM 3237?

In watching the videos, ask yourself, who is trying to show some budgetary restraint and who is copping an attitude? Mr. Conley has a lot of explaining to do in this naked attempt at a power grab. There is so much behind the scenes chicanery afoot it can take your breath away.

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django said...

Conley is completely disgusting and this whole exchange is embarrassing.

Not only is it shameful behavior, but this guy is trying to use taxpayer money to pave roads for his developer friends.

Does San Marcos really want to pave Wimberley's back roads? How about Kyle? Buda?

I know folks over in Drippin' have other ideas about how to spend county road money.

Has Conley been taking burgermeister lessons from the Mayor of MunchkindLand?

I have never seen such pitiful, tacky, disrespectful behavior in Commissioners Court. Judge Sumter sure has the patience of Job.

Citizens need to take another look at who is claiming to represent them over there in Precinct 3.

Does this guy speak for you?

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder how he treats his wife, daughter, or mother.

Anonymous said...

The awful behavior is bad enough, but let's focus on the bait and switch aspect of this for a moment. I think this is going right past a lot of folks.

Here's what Willie does every year. He puts his two cents worth in on the budget. He argues FOR this expenditure and that expenditure. And then he votes AGAINST the final budget. That's how he can, on the one hand, claim he was for something and, on the other, say that he voted against something (if the situation dictates that he should be against something).

That's the bait and switch aspect. It's just that simple.

As to the other part, there's something about the boy that isn't right. He's rude and crude. His behavior is totally off the charts. Makes you wonder what is going on with him that leads to such outbursts.

Anonymous said...

Shades of Claytie Williams! Conley displays here the same boorish arrogance and stupidity. Good going, Will. You don't speak for all of Precinct 3. However, you have given impetus to those of us who will work to usher you out when you next seek election.

Anonymous said...

Sure, we'd love to have all Hays County and municipal roads paved, and painted. We'd love more curb and gutter projects too. But this work gets done through a PROCESS that involves more than a single commissioner pulling funding from wherever the heck he feels like it.

Right now, I don't want to hear another dang thing from Conley except an apology to the County Judge. And in the future, if he or any commissioner wants to help a municipal road project out of county funds, then do so properly, and keep a civil tongue in your head while doing it.

There is simply no excuse for this kind of behavior in Commissioners Court. If Conley needs to act this way, he should have the political acumen not to throw it in the public's face. Doesn't he know these things are filmed?

Anonymous said...

I'd much rather see them in a spirited debate than the usual boring follow me crap we see. I had a neighbor who said the don't say shit at the sessions. Well, now we can prove that wrong, LOL. The whole thing started begause some old biddys thast live out ther on Flite Acres want it to remain crappy so hopefully nobody will want to move out there. Liz has been getting real bitchy since being rejected by her own party in the primary. Keep up the good work Will!

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that Commissioner Conley has publicly apologized for his outbreak in Court. It is also my understanding that more needs to be known of what really has been done regarding the paving of roads within the City of Wimberley. The Judge's signature is on multiple documents approving certain expenditures. Might it be that Judge Sumter is full of "sour grapes"? Might it be that Judge Sumter's constant pecking at this Commissioner finally got her desired result-that he would lose it in response. As a previous writer stated, it is good to have some spirit shown in the Court. Get it out in the open! Maybe not the "proper" route to take, but it is done. Let's get on with business at hand.

Anonymous said...

Is the "business at hand" anonymous refers to to force unwise and unaffordable new expenditures and taxes onto the taxpayers? Forget that!

Conley rightfully should be crowned the Tax and Spend King of Hays County.

Liz Sumter's departure from the court will definitely not result in better representation for the county and precinct 3, as Conley gloats in the second video (a sure sign of his megalomania).

Conley's definition of "better representation" is "no one standing in the way" to his obsession with paving over the entire county and continued feeding of unsustainable urban sprawl. He is our worst enemy in the western part of the county.

Anonymous said...

In Hays County, there will always be those that don’t want any improvement to roads or anything else. They are for the most part the anti-growth crowd. It is the same thing the hippies in Austin tried to pull off in the 70s and 80s, “don’t build it and they won’t come”. Well they came anyway and Austin is still trying to catch up.

Judge Liz was trying to start something from the very beginning of the session. I think she set up Conley with her condescending and arrogant voice on a subject that really didn’t matter. She did sign the budget that Will was working for. I’m sorry but Conley fell for her plan, as I probably would have. Why didn’t she say something back when the subject was added to the budget? I suspect she was playing nice back then, because her election was soon to be. Little did she know, the electorate was fed up with her and that even the Dems would kick her to the curb.

I don’t know what Liz is up to, maybe a run at Conley’s place on the court since she will be out of a job in 4 months.
I live in Conley’s district 3 and will vote for him again. Liz should retire and not keep punching at phantoms.

Anonymous said...

mega dittoes on the last contributor's note!!

Anonymous said...

Why don't the people of Hays County get it? Personal criticisms aside, ALL OF THESE CLOWNS NEED TO GO! We must change the attitude of OUR elected officials. With the November elections ahead, we must send a message.
Of course we need to spend money on infrastructure, but is now the time? Has anyone noticed who is getting the benefit from all the spending? Conley and Barton are bought and paid-for. Look at their campaign contributions (Barton's money is 93% out-of -Hays County).
Apathetic voters are exactly what they want (and need) to perpetuate their "good ol boy" government. People need to wake-up now.

Anonymous said...

I heard someone describe it this way - Conley wants to repave a road that doesn't need to be repaved by either city or county standards. Judge Sumter points this out in questioning staff, who says it rates a 97 out of 100. Even the Wimberley City Manager said the city's portion of the road doesn't need to be repaved.

Is Hays County so rich it can afford to pave roads that don't need to be repaved? I know of plenty of roads that are in much worse shape than Flite Acres and aren't being repaired or repaved.

What are the county's standards for repaving anyway? Where is the list of roads that need to be repaired/repaved and in what order of priority? A discussion at the cc is where these things are usually aired -- that's the process. There is no excuse for the rudeness shown in these videos.

Anonymous said...

With Liz off the court we may have the best Commissioners Court in years. What some people are missing here is that the money was already set aside in the budget to pave Flite Acres so no new tax is to be levied or bonds to be sold. The real reason that this is even an “issue” is the old ladies out there off of Flite Acres that don’t want speeders or any other traffic in their neighborhoods. A self-centered bunch to say the least. I hear it’s pretty quiet over at Deer Creek. Better roads are safer for the entire community.

Vote 'em Out! said...

The first step for resolution will come in November when the good GOP Doctor Cobb will kick Barton's butt for Judge.

Even though a Republican like Conley, Cobb will not tolerate the Conley poor behavior at meetings as others have in the past.

Conley and Barton are the bullies in the neighborhood. Barton is gone in November. Conley needs to be replaced when his term is completed. The other commissioners need to be replaced as well since they offer little to their constituents.

Anonymous said...

Vote em Out has it right. If you think Conley is disgusting now, imagine what he'd be like if his sidekick Barton is at the helm.

If you're tired of Conley's behavior, cast a vote for Bert Cobb for County Judge. Getting rid of Barton is the first step in getting rid of Conley.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that many contributors here have never been a part of an important board or committee and probably never ever will be. This is not a social club but individuals trying to do the job they were elected to do. The most dangerous thing in politics is a committee, board or court where all agree and just get along. That’s not what we elect them for. Checkout your HOAs/POAs for an example. I would rather have someone who sticks to his guns than somebody like Liz that panders to both sides. As far as the language is concerned, politics is a grownup sport, not jump rope. Even though I normally vote Republican, I will support Jeff Barton, as most voters in the County will.

Peter Stern said...

You don't have to be at a meeting. In addition, language and being a bully are a part of our current style.

I agree that commissioners with varied opinions and a multi-focus is needed; however, there is no reason why people we vote for can't be professional and civil to each other. This group has a lot to be desired.

Personally, I'm not in love with any of our commissioners. I feel that our county is in a transition mode and that our current commissioners are a part of that transition.

They have an important function right now as the pioneers for our future direction and status as a growing community.

Each of the commissioners has contributed positively and negatively to our ultimate growth.

I really think we can do better.

Anonymous said...

Instead of washing cars, Will needs to wash out his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Okay Conlly is a potty mouth, so what!
This sounds like dejavu all over again. Back in 2008 Liz passed invalid allegations along to the district attorney of alleged corruption regarding Hays County road projects. The allegations were swiftly dismissed by the DA. If you care to check the history of Liz and her underhanded activities with other commissioners regarding roads, you can read an article from the Statesman dated September 13, 2008, at;

The whole thing was about a road off of Flite Acres named Little Ranches Road. Sound familiar? Sumter failed in this witch hunt attempt.

Anonymous said...

To "potty mouth" anon: The road you refer to was not Little Ranches. It is a spur off Little Ranches, known as Old Bumpy by the locals. It's a couple of hundred feet long, leads straight to a gated subdivision called Summer Hills. Nobody but subdivision residents use it. Drive up there and see for yourself. The city of wimberley claims it is a private road. They would have nothing to do with repairing it. Conley came to the rescue anyway and spent $5,000 or more of our money to fix it. He gained lots of friends and votes right before the '08 election. Shameful the way he buys votes that way. The DA, Tibbe, cleverly ignored the part of the law that requires approval by the commissioners court and the city council. Conley sought neither. Conley did what he always does, whatever he wants, without regard to what the law requires. He's a rogue commissioner with a rogue mindset. Tibbe will never rule against what the established political order dictates. It was a mistake for independent democrats and republicans not to find an honest candidate to oppose her in november.

Poor analogy said...

To the anonymous that stated:

"It is obvious that many contributors here have never been a part of an important board or committee and probably never ever will be..."


"This is not a social club but individuals trying to do the job they were elected to do. The most dangerous thing in politics is a committee, board or court where all agree and just get along. That’s not what we elect them for. Checkout your HOAs/POAs for an example."

You sound very much like a board member of the HOAs/POAs you seem to mistakenly hold in such high regard. Only an HOA board member would share your opinion of self-importance.

HOAs are not political subdivisions of the state and the analogy is wholly inappropriate. There is no right to open meetings, open elections, to vote, open records, etc. An HOA corporation is hardly the model that the citizen wants local government to mirror itself after.

No doubt you have a high opinion of yourself because you've wormed your way onto one of these boards. HOA board members always think their job is important and that they have done a great job.

The reality is that 99% of the subdivision (i..e, the non board members) want absolutely nothing to do with the HOA corporation or the board or the unscrupulous HOA attorneys and the seedy management companies (especially those and the affiliated businesses owned by Senator Carona).

Constituents really don't appreciate the "hidden tax" imposed upon them by county subdivision rules that mandate burdening property with these HOAs.

Wake up and smell reality. HOAs are designed to disenfranchise the owners (indentured servants), represent nothing but a perpetual lien that can never be paid off on your property, and have never never never been responsible for "preserving property values" for owners.

What a crock.

Any observer looking at the video would consider Connelly to represent the typical egotistical HOA board member - wholly unapologetic for his actions and believing that he operates a sovereign kingdom without accountability to constituents. The similarity to an HOA is that the constituents are involuntary funders of such nonsense. Another similar feature is that most of the county can't vote to get rid of him. However, one bright note is that unlike an HOA the "board member" (Connelly) doesn't get to prevent people from voting and he can be voted out of office. Precinct #3 better exercise their right to vote or they'll find themselves in a regime as bad as an HOA.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to that mêlée between Barton and his female assistant?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the simple truth is that Conley does represent a portion of the population that moved out here to be outlaws and swine. My deed restrictions are not numerous but it prohibits pigs, how about your's?

Thanks for getting the website cranked up again...

Anonymous said...

Yes, Conley does attempt to make a public apology for his behavior. But in the same breath he blames the Judge for his unprofessionalism. I don't think you can call that a sincere apology, not even a fake one. The only one you can blame for Conley's behavior is Conley, unless of course, you believe he has a 2 year old mentality, then it is OK, maybe....

Anonymous said...

Dear “Poor analogy” When I said,

“"This is not a social club but individuals trying to do the job they were elected to do. The most dangerous thing in politics is a committee, board or court where all agree and just get along. That’s not what we elect them for. Checkout your HOAs/POAs for an example ."

Maybe I could have been clearer in that I was using HOAs as a negative example. I guess I should have said, “Checkout your HOAs/POAs for a bad example. I think we agree on most points regarding HOAs. BTW, I am not a member of any HOA.

The point I was trying to make was that we don’t want our elected representatives to agree all the time like the sleazy HOA board members do. Debate is healthy and part of our American political system.

Charles O'Dell said...

Anonymous said...
“Okay Conlly (sic) is a potty mouth, so what!”
It matters because his potty mouth is an expression of who Conley really is. He is an egomaniac who behaves as though he hates our democratic processes, and well he should when these processes and the public interest get in the way of what Conley wants.
DA, Sherri Tibbe, did swiftly dismiss the allegations---too swiftly and without regard for the facts or the law. HaysCAN made an open records request of all materials the DA relied on in her swift investigation and swift dismissal.
It became patently clear that Tibbe was what she was rumored to be---a protector of the good ole boys in Hays County. Instead of relying on facts of misuse of public resources for private benefit, Tibbe sought out testimony of the good ole boys she is in office to protect. The laws she claimed to have relied on for dismissing the allegations had nothing to do with the allegations. They were contrived to give some semblance of authenticity to her swift dismissal of the allegations.
The allegations were true and factual but whenever one of the good ole boys is attacked or exposed, the Hays County power structure is there to deflect and protect. We have observed the pattern with Barton, Conley and others.

As for the article cited, the reporter was short on factual information and failed to conduct research. Instead, she relied on hearsay gained to meet a story deadline.
This is another example of local spin controlled media and sound bite reporting in Austin. And its one of many examples of why the Roundup is so important to Hays County citizens who care about open government and accountable officials.

Anonymous said...

Sr. Conley is part political genius part opportunist and part bull in a china shop. One thing he is not is a friend to the quality of life we have all come to love out here. Mr. O'Dell, I thank you for your on point information.

Peter Stern said...

Again, I think the way to go is to deescalate the hostility and to find resolutions to our issues.

Isn't there a way to work better with commissioners and others who lead the community?

Seems like we all are stuck in some endless loop when we try to get things accomplished.

And if we simply can't work with our elected officials then we really do need to vote for other candidates.

We should all be growing very tired of the way many issues are being handled in Hays County. I would think it also would benefit commissioners to work with residents in a more appropriate way, without the game playing and the politics. After all, we should all want a better community that works for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Bob. Good reporting. With Comissoners Conoly and Barton teamed up against Judge Sumter I can see why she made little effort at re-election.

Anonymous said...

Check out the petiton telling Conley he should apologize or resign:

Anonymous said...

Flite Acres needs no repaving. Just drive down it for yourself.

Conley's behavior is disrespectful and offensive. While the commissioners may not agree, they have to work together to find solutions to the county's problems. Petty squabbles hinder that process.