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We're picking up that deep chasms have formed in both the local GOP and Democratic teams, with factions headed in opposite directions in who they will support for county judge and state rep in November

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Update, Aug. 30 – Hays County Judge candidate Dr. Bert Cobb is recovering from back-to-back back surgeries. We wish him a speedy recovery.

By Bob Ochoa

Political signs are springing up all over the county, signaling the start of an election campaign season that is sure to be a humdinger. NFL fans also are gearing up for football season. We'll see if the preseason top-seeded Cowboys can make it all the way this time. After many fumbled tries, they certainly are overdue a trip to the Super Bowl.

We are longtime Cowboy fans and eagerly anticipate the upcoming game action, but the Roundup's focus will be on the Nov. 2 general election. The question "Do we really want the worst-ever Texas Governor Rick Perry hanging around for another four years?" will be at the top of the ballot, followed by State Court of Appeals, Railroad Commissioner and so forth, and on down to State Representative (District 45), Hays County Judge, two county commissioner seats (Precincts 2 & 4), and more. Early voting starts Oct. 18. If you are not registered to vote, please do so and join in on the fun. Oct. 4 is the registration deadline for the Nov. 2 general election. For more information, contact the Hays County Elections Office at 512.393.7310, or visit their website:
Of particular interest to the RoundUp will be the races for State Representative (Isaac vs. Rose) and County Judge (Cobb vs. Barton). Patrick Rose (D), vying for his 4th term in the Texas House of Representatives, not surprisingly, is raising more campaign cash and has a much bigger bankroll than his Republican challenger Jason Isaac. Both are from Dripping Springs. Isaac will not be a throw-away challenger. He has a good chance at toppling Rose. Many big issues important to Hays Countians will be at the Legislature's doorstep after the election, come January – issues related to water, development, redistricting and the state's deficit and budget. We'll need a wise head representing us who is not so tied to special interests and hidden agendas.

We hear that San Marcos doctor Bert Cobb (R) is out shaking voters' hands and making new friends. Cobb was a virtual political unknown before he unexpectedly won the GOP nomination for Hays County Judge in the March primaries. We like it that Dr. Cobb is not well schooled in the art of politics, he's just straight "Cobb" – what you see is what you get. We also like it that Cobb is a Master Naturalist and Texas Watershed Steward. Here's what he says in his website: "As Hays County grows, we must ensure that future growth complements our community rather than detracting from it." In contrast, Pct. 2 County Commissioner Jeff Barton (D-Mountain City/Buda/Kyle) is an old political pro, slick, self assured (as a campaigner), and he's also not so good at returning constituents' phone calls. Seems he's been spending a lot of time at his other job with an engineering firm in Austin. We expect Barton will out-raise and out-spend Cobb during the campaign. And we expect a large portion of Barton's money will come (already has) from outside the county, some of it from parties that do business with the county.

The outcome of these races will say a lot about what kind of direction voters want to take on growth and development in the county, the management of our water resources, and of course, the level of cronyism we are, or are not, willing to accept.

Deep chasms, and Conley fading
Rose & Conley, election night 2008

The RoundUp is picking up that deep chasms have formed in both the local GOP and Democratic parties, with factions headed in opposite directions in who they will support for county judge and state rep. Pct. 3 Commissioner Will Conley's influence among the Republican faithful is in a steep nose dive, so it's questionable how much help he can actually deliver to Democrats Barton and Rose. It's no secret that many Dems (more than the normal number in a countywide election) will be crossing over in November and voting for Republicans Cobb and Isaac.

A well informed source told the RoundUp, for example, that "maintstream Republicans (some "heavy hitters" among them) have walked away from Conley." HONESTY, HONESTY, HONESTY is what they want from their elected officials and candidates. "They don't like being told one thing and they go and do something else. They don't want to go back to Powers' (former Republican County Judge Jim Powers) time" of low levels of on-the-job service and accessibility. Cobb "at least is someone not tied to anyone. That's what Republicans and Democrats are seeing . . . they don't believe Barton will listen or can learn anything at this point."

Elections, NfL kickoffs

Labor Day is the traditional political campaign season kickoff. This year it falls on Monday, Sept. 6. The NFL's kickoff game is scheduled Sept. 9 with a rematch of last year's NFC Championship Game between the New Orleans Saints and the Minnesota Vikings. The Cowboys travel to D. C. for their opener against the Redskins on Sept. 12. Sizing up the strenghs and weaknesses of your favorite teams and players is much akin to sizing up your candidates for public office. Let's break out the drinks and snacks and have some fun! Keep your eyes on the ball, and remember to keep sending your news tips to the RoundUp.


Jethro o' the West said...

I'm a votin' for Cobb and Isaac and hope others will too.

I notice the Roundup didn't say much of anything re: Karen Ford running against a Republican candidate that the Roundup doesn't like.

The problem is that Democrat Ford won't stand-up when she should and shake some trees, gettin' some o' them better apples.

Ford has been a HUGE disappointment to me and my neighbors. While I also don't love the Republican candidate, my family, friends and neighbors will be votin' for him over Ford. It's time to change our direction and the "Ooh, I can't say what I really mean or what I should say" attitude.

This election Hays County voters really need to look past the Democrat vs. Republic politicking and vote for the better candidate and/or get rid of the lackluster and special interest incumbents.

Anonymous said...

This time around I will be picking and choosing like never before. I'll stick with some solid Dems in some races, but I will take delight (and by that I mean great delight) in walking away from Rose and Barton.

Some Dems I know will simply not vote those races. That's fine. But I'm going to go a step beyond that. I'm going to vote for Isaac and Cobb. Both Rose and Barton need to be stopped in their self-serving tracks.

Sanityarium said...

I'll be pickin' my nose before I vote for any of these yokels.

The way I figure it, if I don't vote, I'm not responsible for the havoc these politicians create. You all go ahead and pretend you live in a democracy.

Besides, no sane person would want to run for office in Hays County. And who wants to vote for an insane person?

The voter is the decider said...

I like the football comparison. GO COWBOYS!!!!!! GO COBB, ISAAC, ANNA BOLLING, BILL WHITE AND KURT KUHN!!!!!! I believe my vote counts and I will sure vote.

Might As Well Give-up said...

It really doesn't matter what y'all say or do here, as the shitheads (incumbents) will win again.

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of Rosie and Conley. As someone once remarked: Those boys ought to get a room.

What on earth is that all about?

An American said...

I seem to be in a minority if you were to believe the comments on this Blog. I am convinced the vast majority of commenters here are part of the old LBJ Left and can’t stand the thought that they are really a minority in Hays County. Their hit list includes, Will Conley, Patrick Rose, Jeff Barton, Rick Perry, and recently Karen Ford., most of which are Democrats. They would call themselves Democrats but really hate these candidates.

For the most part, we conservatives and libertarians remain silent until Election Day. The Tea Party Movement is sometimes loud but we usually don’t need to reinforce each other in our beliefs since they are based on our Constitution rather than the dubious decisions of activist judges or Whitehouse talking points. Our resolve is stiffened by our love of Country and boosted the extremely harmful actions of the present US Congress and their leader in the Whitehouse. Every day it gets better for our cause but harms our country, hopefully we can pickup the pieces and save out great nation.

So keep trying to convince each other that you are right and we will go about our business of saving the country from and for you. Thanks for reading and we will see you at the polls.

PS. I don’t like the football comparison but it could be more relative than I first thought; Millionaire players playing ball for a bunch of Billionaires, sounds a little like Congress.

This is NOT America any more said...

"An American" --- It's amazing that you can believe your own dribble.

Barton and Rose are no true Democrats. Their actions and their wealthy campaign contributors show they are as Republican as you can get. As for Karen Ford and Debbie Ingalsbe, they are poor examples of Democrat incumbents. They are NOT true leaders who we can all be proud of. No way.

Before you jump on me, I am a Republican. I am a conservative --- not like you are, or how those running the GOP currently are. I am a true Republican conservative, as per prior to the Reagan administration.

All of you clowns have ruined the party I used to love. Now I am fighting with others to get it back.

Unfortunately, the GOP is the same party it has been for the past 10 years, little has change. The party is still misguided and has no REAL candidates, but because the Democrats are even more a mess and in shambles, the GOP may be able to get some seats back.

I agree with you on one thing. People on this Hays County blog are NOT in the majority.

Other than that, you and the current GOP leaders are part of the problems so many people are facing at the national, state and local levels. We are no different here in Hays County because we are becoming a bigger mess every day because of poor leadership and the constant political game playing.

There is no middle ground and I believe THAT is the biggest problem facing Republicans AND Democrats. Both parties are extrmist parties even though many still call them conservative or liberal.

It is unlikely that either party will learn from its own history. It also is highly unlikely that the majority of people will be able to survive financially under EITHER party's rule.

As long as the community good continues to be placed on the back-burners, the majority is doomed.

Anonymous said...

Two things Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying are germane to this discussion. "Leave no authority existing not responsible to the people." And "When a man assumes a public trust he should consider himself a public property."

The first is a BIG SHAME ON US VOTERS for voting in half-wits and thieves. The second is a BIG SHANE ON OUR OFFICE HOLDERS who don't know the meaning of public trust and assume the public property is their's to take.

I'll give some credit to this blog for at least trying to hold our public officials to account for their words and deeds, something that is sorely lacking in this county.

Anonymous said...

I saw that picture of Conley and Rose before. It was at coverage by the Boston Globe celebrating the new Massachusetts gay marriage law a couple of months ago.

Honest American said...

Hey "American". Don't you and your Tea Party racists know that Hitler exterminated black people and that your use of his body mark to trash your afro-american President is pure historical stupidity.

Also, did you go to Glenn Beck's "White People Self-Pity" gathering in DC? I was wondering if your kind is going to be asking the federal government for equal rights and affirmative action laws for white people, since you and your kind are clearly victims of the new American majority hispanic, muslim, black and liberal multiculturalists.

Oh, yes, I forgot. You don't believe in the federal government.