Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some questions: Romney, Mormonism and the Planet Kolob

These two areas of Bishop Romney's beliefs are only a small fraction of what he should be coming clean about and explaining in detail so that Americans can have a clear picture of who and what kind of man Mitt Romney is

Note: Lord knows President Obama has received his share of scathing attacks from the "far side" about his past associations, questioning his Christianity, patriotism and citizenship. So all things being equal – especially on the eve of Mitt Romney's official nomination for President of the United State at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida – isn't it time for voters get to know more about Mitt Romney's Mormon faith? No disrespect intended to Romney or the Mormon Church, but a man who wants to be president should hold no great secrets from the American people – least of all about his religious beliefs or personal business and financial history.

Related story: WBUR Boston | Tues Aug 28, 2012 | Mormons Consider What Romney Nomination Means For FaithAs she introduces her husband to delegates at the Republican National Convention tonight, Ann Romney may talk about how her family’s Mormon faith shapes their lives.

For many elected positions, like dogcatcher, (an) evasive posture could skate by the smell test without protest. But for The Office of The President, Mitt Romney will have to share more of his core religious beliefs and his business records by way of his taxes, too.

Did I mention he was a Bishop in the Mormon Church? Yes, "The Master" is a Bishop, too. Which one would you think would qualify him and cause him to tell us more about the intricacies of the Mormon Church more than probably any other candidate in the history of Presidential elections. But instead, Romney shies away from telling us details about Mormonism. Not only is that illogical but it's very suspicious to say the least.

Could it be the Planet Kolob thing? As cut and pasted from my friends at Wikipedia:

[Kolob is a star or planet described in Mormon scripture. Reference to Kolob is found in the Book of Abraham, a work published by Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. According to this work, Kolob is the heavenly body nearest to the throne of God. While the Book of Abraham refers to Kolob as a "star",[1] it also refers to planets as stars,[2] and therefore, some LDS commentators consider Kolob to be a planet.[3] Other Latter Day Saints (or Mormons) consider Kolob to be a metaphor.]

... According to several LDS (Latter Day Saints) writers (such as Cleon Skousen in his book The First 2000 Years), the earth was created near Kolob over a period of 6000 years (six "days" in Kolob time), and then moved to its present position in our solar system

In addition to the literal interpretation of Kolob as an actual heavenly body, the LDS Church has proposed that Kolob is also "a symbol of Jesus Christ," in that like Kolob, Jesus "governs" all the stars and planets similar to the earth.

Why won't Bishop Romney and the Mormons openly share those stories with us? Exactly who is Joseph Smith? How is he viewed by his Church? Inquiring minds want to know from the candidate who believes in these things.

Or maybe it's the "magic undergarment" as people often refer to?

From Wikipedia as well:

"Mormon underwear is a type of underwear worn by a vast majority of adherents of the Latter Day Saint movement, after they have taken part in the Endowment ceremony. Garments are worn both day and night and are required for any previously endowed adult to enter a temple..."

According to the LDS Church, the temple garments serve a number of purposes. First, the garment provides the member "a constant reminder" of the covenants they made in the temple. Second, the garment "when properly worn...provides protection against temptation and evil... General authority Carlos E. Asay adds that the garment "strengthens the wearer to resist temptation, fend off evil influences, and stand firmly for the right."

Is Romney going to wear this undergarment everyday or when he has to make his most important decisions because he feels like it's going to help him and America some way? That's a very fair question we should ask.

Lastly, there are special symbols written on these garments that have a wide range of interesting meanings. Too long to go into here but I encourage each of you to be independent and critical thinkers and research for yourself.

These two areas of Bishop Romney's beliefs are only a small fraction of what he should be coming clean about and explaining in detail so that Americans can have a clear picture of who and what kind of man Mitt Romney is. But again, we get the distinct feeling that he doesn't really want us to know anything about him that would cause us to question his judgment, character or business acumen in taxes and finances. All of which he says are superior to that of President Obama's.


Independent Votet said...

Mormon scripture believes that black skin is their devil's curse on non-believers.

No wonder Romney doesn't care about the Afro-American vote.

Heck, even the racist element of the right wing Christians aren't that crazy.

Les (not a clintonista) said...

The Job Creator Class(JCC) has it's own religion, greed. The sects of it go by many names but they are just feel good philosophies.

The JCC is true to its religion.

I'll be voting to re-elect my policy maker. I could care less if he ever steps inside a house of philosophy.

Anonymous said...

The DNC is going to have Islamic Prayers. How Special! I did not know that the Liberal Feminists in the Democratic party embraced Sharia Law. Who knew that they wanted to be told by the Imans on how to behave and dress?

eddiemae said...

Is Romney Joseph Smith's revenge? Think it over and get back to me.

Sane American said...

The state mandatory sonogram laws are closer to Sharia law than anything.

As an American, I much prefer Islamic prayer at the DNC than an entire party at the RNC being run by a band of rich white male hooligans called the American Taliban.

You nutcases are going down.

Burn Baby Burn said...

Les the Clintonista must know the GOP-JCC are rarely job creators.

Under Wall Street's orders, they are job exporters and job downsizers.

Note from Olympus said...

It appears that NASA's newest Mars vehicle Curiosity is on the wrong planet.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Joseph Smith the guy in that Wes Craven movie?

Seriously, how many Mormon men does it take to run for US president?


One for each major issue, depending on who he is speaking to.

Another Woodcreek Resident said...

I couldn't care less about Romney's religion. We're electing someone to lead the nation, not someone to lead a prayer meeting.

Doors of Perception said...

But Romney IS trying to lead a prayer meeting.

The sermon is to pray that we can go back to the white male religion of controlling women and keeping uppity negroes and meskins in their place.

and while were at it, pay those white male labourers as little as possible.

Welcome to 21st century slavery.

Anonymous said...

@ INsane American, Be careful of the Taliban Enforcement Division of Sharia Law Loving Muslims, If they catch you dancing ( You do have a Jive Bone in your body, Don't you?) they will give you one close Hair cut. Probably below your ears.

Anonymous said...

The GOP is nothing but a religion of big government social repression and the lie of the American free markets.

And only lonely ignorant people are members of that religion.

And I'm not talking about real conservatives.

Even Saner American said...

INsane Anonymous is living in a right wing Christian paranoid state.

These type of people need to hospitalized. They are a danger to themselves and others - especially their children and grandchildren.

If this nutcase can prove one case in the US where Sharia Law has been legalized - and I'm not talking about some crazy made up Santorum/Palin/Bachmann insanity claim - I will give my real name.

And if his claim is proven to be nonsense (which of course it will be) he must agree to live with a Muslim family for one week - paying them for room and board.

What about it, crazy Islamaphobe?

Caring American said...

The current Republican Party hates anything that is not white and Christian.

They are pathetic representatives of the diversity that is America.

I am white and Christian, but that is all I have in common with those people.

And if what I say is not true, let's hear from or read stuff from sane Republicans who are not racist or xenophobic or Muslim haters or homophobes or education destroyers?

Where are they?

Anonymous said...

Didn't we just run a bunch of those Mormon NUTS out of West Texas and put there leader in prison? Kick

The far side said...

If Romney cannot stand up to defend or explain his Mormon faith then how can you expect him to defend America on the world stage as president? (Can you imagine trying to explain Kolob and sacred undergarments to other world leaders?)

To many Americans (about 30% per scores of polls!) Romney remains an enigma shrouded in secrecy. And so far not a peep about Mormonism from the GOP convention.

The secrecy part is what concerns me most. Shades of Richard Nixon. No thank you.

Anonymous said...

No disrespect intended to Obama or the Muslim Faith , but a man who wants to be president should hold no great secrets from the American people – least of all about his religious beliefs or personal business and academic history.

turkey boy said...

Although I am no fan of Mormanism (or any of our organized religions, this is a slanted article that is making fun of Mormons.

Mormonism, sadly, is no more ridiculous than the myths found in the bible and elsewhere. It is just that we are so accustomed to Biblical stories that they don't seem so unusual to us anymore.

My thinking is that when you can convince someone of stuff like turning water into wine (without using grapes and yeast), burning bushes that God talks out of, people coming back from the dead to save our souls, etc...well, you can talk them into believing pretty much any of the rest of your b.s.

Religion softens the mind so you will obey your masters.

Shame Monitor said...

Turkey boy makes a good point.

And I guess some planet for celestial Mormon heaven is about the same thing as dying and having all those Muslim virgins.

Yet the old and new Testaments don't say that black people are cursed by the devil, even though the Republican Party Christians do believe black skin is the first step toward a life of government handouts and food stamps.

And because Obama is half black, 50% of his economic plan is to foster a lietime of ethnic welfare.

Clearly a brilliant right wing theory.

Lennon said...

"God is a concept - by which we measure our pain."

Woody said...

If Jesus was a carpenter, I wonder how much he charged for bookshelves?

Anonymous said...

@Even Saner American, You are right that Sharia law has not been legalized-----yet. I can bet that a muslim family from Iran will be treated better at your house than anywhere else on the planet, Why don't you spend a week at their house paying Room and Board, Don't forget to bring your wife and daughters infidel. Hope you finish the week, If not ask for a discount.

Shecky said...

@ Anonymous of August 29, 2012 10:09 PM:

You losers can't even write your own comebacks. You have to think like a child and say:

"No, you go live with a Muslin family, na nana na na"

What a pathetic putz you are.

Anonymous said...

Shecky must be a Liberal Feminist who wants to live under sharia law.

Anonymous said...

I gotta laugh out loud at you people. Think about what you're saying. First it was Kennedy (a Democrat)being Catholic and listening to the Pope. Now it's a Mormon, and you're worried about his underwear! (I wonder why the liberals were never worried about Bill Clinton keeping his schlong in HIS underwear since they are so interested in people's underwear now.)

Let's see, you want a better explanation of Mormonism from the possible President so you can know what kind of man he is? Fair enough I suppose. Why not ask President Osama bin Lyin' to open his college records? Why don't you ask him to explain his curious relationships with Saul Alinsky? Why not ask him to explain his radical youth and the influence the terrorists associated with Alinsky had on him? Why not ask him to reveal why there are so many "coincidences" as to his actual birth? Is it just a funny little thing that there continue to be references (from his early biography in the 1990's that said he was from Kenya) that show up from time to time (and this doesn't include the ones that Republicans find). Why is that? So we're worried about a man's religion so much that now we are going to begin demonstrating why liberals are actually the REAL racists, homophobes, religious bigots, and economic putzes? Really? REALLY? Come on folks, you can do better than this.