Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hays County Commissioners Court accepts donation of land for Jacob’s Well Natural Area

Press Release: Nov. 7, 2011
Contact: Laureen Chernow
Hays County Communications Specialist
Office: 512.393.2296

Hays County Courthouse, San Marcos, TX – The Hays County Commissioners Court voted unanimously Tuesday, November 1, to accept the donation of a tract of land from Wimberley Springs Partners (WSP) that will add .839 acres to the Jacob’s Well Natural Area. The triangular-shaped property, which currently holds a tennis court, is adjacent to the Jacob’s Well property acquired by the County in 2010 through 2007 voter-approved park bond funds.

“The County appreciates the opportunity to add to this sensitive recharge zone without cost to the County,” said Precinct 3 Commissioner Will Conley. “The timing is excellent for the addition of this piece of property as we are forming a countywide steering committee to help direct the planning effort for the entire park, which is some 81 acres total. Now this property can be included from the start of our master planning.”

“We are excited about the potential the park has for our neighborhood and for the entire Wimberley Valley,” said Winton Porterfield, Vice President of WSP. “As the County moves forward with a master plan for the park, there is a possibility we will make future donations, whether for parkland or perhaps an associated trail system.”

Jacob’s Well, a perpetual artesian spring, is considered one of the longest underwater caves in Texas. It is the headwaters for Cypress Creek and its waters flow through the City of Wimberley, forms Blue Hole Regional Park and ultimately reaches the Blanco and San Marcos rivers.

WSP, which owns and operates the Quicksand Golf Course in Woodcreek, also has extensive real estate holdings in the area.


Merry M. said...

It is nice to see local developers helping to improve the community. The Jacobs Well Natural Area will benefit the whole valley. Thanks to everyone who helped in the development and I hope it will continue to grow and provide stewardship for one of our natural wonders.

Rocky Boschert said...

Smart move, Winton. And a nice gesture specifically for the Woodcreek North community.

Anonymous said...

The "community" is the people, not the things.

However, if you support improvement of a community of "things", why is the WPOA obstructing the improvement of Woodcreek roads by the county, Merry?

Emancipator said...

I am sick of you people who have a "gay communism" problem with the word "community."

If you can't handle someone using the word in even the most innocuous way, seek therapy or start going back to your 12-step meetings.

Your hostility is dysfuntional and very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Can't take a complement Winton! sorry you are going to get them any way. ATTA BOY!

Anonymous said...

The commenter was making the point that a community is made up of people not inanimate objects. Anyone with an IQ in two figures should have realized that.

You know Emancipator; you have a screw loose somewhere. Nowhere in this particular thread of comments did anyone criticize the word, "Community" or insinuate your claims. Your immaturity is very annoying to us adults here. Why don't you wait until you grow up and are capable of good reading comprehension before you comment on this blog? Stupid is as Stupid does".

Anonymous said...

Gay communism? Just what in heavens name is that! That is definitely a slur. You should be ashamed of yourself Emancipator!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:35am I agree with you. Emancipator did not comprehend what the others wrote. I am not sure what he was talking about. It made no sense but I am sure he will "enlighten" us.

Emanciipated said...

Oops, Herman Caned did mis- interpret the first Anonymous. Herman stands corrected.

But you good folks know that Herman Caned hears local goobers make fun of "community" as if it is a sociallst word, or even "gay."

Hence Herman's mistaken but honest culpability in chastising local rednecks for use of the word "community."

You'll are persecuing me, Herman Caned. You, the right wing Perry conspiracy and the liberal press.

For every one I harass, there are one thousand who know I am not a bad man.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Emancipator is a female. That would explain everything. It would explain it, but you won't understand it. Understand?

Emancipated said...

Last Anonymous says:

I'm thinking Emancipator is a female."

Why? Because I make fun of that lying, woman-abuser Herman Cain?

Is that what the Republican Party has come to? Are you sad folks so desparate to get rid of Obama that you will support a sexual predator in your Party?

This is not one woman, Sir, but four women who have accused Cain. Are they all liars - or part of the Perry liberal conspiracy?

Oh yes, Predator-breath, I am a man (which clearly you are if you not if you continue to indirectly defending Herman Cain's sick behavior).

It is a pathetic comment on your part, pure and simple. Stop it, Sir, or put up your name so we know who to keep our wives away from.

Anonymous said...

@ Nov 11 10am
Please explain to me how your lot fees that you pay to WPOA are your money and not the WPOA's money?
If the money is the WPOA's then why do you say that the roadwork in free when the WPOA is paying for it with their money that you paid them for your lot fees?

Anonymous said...

The 11/17 8:36 am commenter apparently is confused about the form of the WPOA. The WPOA is a corporation not a governing body. Everything the WPOA claims to own is actually owned by all Property Owners as "stock holders" in the Corporation. The WPOA Board is tasked with the Fiduciary responsibility for all of the Corporation's (Property Owners') assets. If that comment is supposed to be an answer to the question, if falls far short of responsive.

The commenter may be a WPOA Board member or Officer because that is the type of faulty thinking process that goes on within such Boards. Failure to properly account for the Corporations assets can end very badly for the perpetrators. Many have lost their fortunes when fraud was proven.

Anonymous said...

WHAT! You have not made any sense Anonmyous.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11/17/2011 8:36 AM
who said...
@ Nov 11 10am
Please explain to me how your lot fees that you pay to WPOA are your money and not the WPOA's money?

How about explaining how this question is even remotely related to the issue raised in the prior post? The WPOA is NOT spending the money on the roads (well except for areas located close to board members' homes...). The WPOA is attempting to prevent others from improving the roads Board members desperate to ave a platform such as the WPOA corporation to "control" all the non-board members with realize that if the roads are turned over to an entity that WILL take care of them then there is no need for the WPOA corporation to continue to exist. So the WPOA board is obstructing improvement of the roads by the county.

If the money is the WPOA's then why do you say that the roadwork in free when the WPOA is paying for it with their money that you paid them for your lot fees?

What? Who said the roadwork was "free". The roadwork isn't free regardless of who is paying for it. However, the WPOA corporation is NOT maintaining the roads. The monies allegedly collected for road maintenance are being spent largely for employees (that aren't repairing roads), lawsuits against residents (board members' personal agendas at everyone else's expense), but the roads are largely not being maintained.

Those paying road maintenance fees would like to see closer to 100% of those monies being spent on road maintenance. Since the WPOA board is incapable of doing that, residents support turning the roads over to the county (they are already paying road taxes). Why does the WPOA board think that citizens of the subdivision should be second class citizens?

Why should the residents support paying nondeductible "assessments" to the WPOA board which spends only a fraction of the revenue from "road maintenance fees" on road maintenance fees?

The residents will be far better off without the burden of the WPOA. It offers nothing of value - except perhaps to just a few board members - at the expense of all the homeowners.

Time for the WPOA to go. Transfer of the roads to the county is a step in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Oh so I guess if you live on the same road as a board member then you should not expect to see your road repaired or upgraded because it might benefit the board member!

Also in the letter Winton Porterfield sent to us he said that if he did the roads they would be free to the WPOA. How can he say that is free when the WPOA pays for it.

If the WPOA did not have roads to maintain then they could provide some amenities such as a pool.

If you hate the WPOA so much why don't you move?

Anonymous said...

At the November 17th WPOA Board meeting the Board voted 4 to 2 to deny the Property Owners the opportunity to have their road professionally maintained by Hays County. The work would have been paid for by the County Tax that the owners already pay. WSP had proposed that it would pay about $50,000 to facilitate the process. That sum was to be credited against the POM fees owed by WSP over the next 2 years. The Board chose instead to keep hiring a contractor to do road work that the County will not accept, so they will continue to use the property owner's funds to maintain them over and over again. The Board members that voted against the WSP proposal would not explain their actions at the meeting. There seems to be a hidden agenda at work.

Two days later at the General "Members Meeting", the President of the board refused to allow 2 such votes requested by the Property Owners present at the meeting. It was obvious that the members wanted the County to take over the roads. The reasons given for not allowing the vote were flimsy at best and not popular at all. The Board did not win any friends at that meeting. This is not good for the WPOA since they are in some jeopardy of losing more of their sections to WSP or to no POA at all. We may be seeing the self inflected decline and fall of the WPOA. What has the WPOA ever done for the community?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous November 21, 2011 8:00 PM

"Oh so I guess if you live on the same road as a board member then you should not expect to see your road repaired or upgraded because it might benefit the board member!"

What a childish statement. If the Board member received special treatment such as speed bumps or rumble strips or other compensation, then it would be an ethics issue. There are several such things in our subdivision.

"Also in the letter Winton Porterfield sent to us he said that if he did the roads they would be free to the WPOA. How can he say that is free when the WPOA pays for it."

The roads will be maintained free (to us) after the County takes them over, actually paid for with the tax money we already pay. For political agenda reasons the WPOA wants to prevent that. It more than likely has something to do with starting the Incorporation move again later next year. The WPOA were the perpetrators and financiers of the last Incorporation Movement for WN although they denied it. So if they deny it again, don't believe them.

"If the WPOA did not have roads to maintain then they could provide some amenities such as a pool."

If they didn't spend so much on Administrative costs ($120K) they could do a lot of things but a pool is a bad idea, remember the drought. Watch for the 2012 WPOA budget coming out in January and notice the percentage of Administrative Costs. In 2011 it was an obscene 42% of Income.

"If you hate the WPOA so much why don't you move?

I would rather move away from the WPOA and stay in my home. They have wasted our money and will lower our property values by fighting with WSP and the County to the point that we can't get enough for our place so we will be stuck here. That may be their plan.
Ask yourself these two questions;

What has the WPOA done for this Community?

What has WSP done for this Community?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 11:27am I was at that meeting and I only heard one person request a vote. Since the vote was not on the agenda the president was correct in not allowing the vote. And no I am not the president.
The person requesting the vote is not a member in good standing and should not be allowed to run for the board. I live on her block and she does nothing but cause trouble for her neighbors.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon November 21, 2011 8:00 PM:

Why should anyone but the WPOA and its board move? Move along down the road to bother someone else. Or perhaps recognize the end of its useful life (if it ever had one) and simply dissolve.

Anonymous said...

If you want a pool put one in your own yard or join a rec center that you can also choose to no longer be a member of when its suits you. However, holding an entire subdivision hostage to an HOA in perpetuity for a pool benefits primarily the HOA attorney and HOA management (42% for administrative and plenty of $$ off the books for the HOA attorney via "settlements" with homeowners) Get rid of the HOA and all the waste, litigation, endless harassment, and ego-challenged board members.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 2:29pm

I give up just what has the WSP done for the entire community?

Anonymous said...

What is your problem? I am addressing the two anonymous posters who obviously have a problem with the WPOA board.
Your rants are getting old.
Just give it a rest.
I think that the community has figured out that you hate the WPOA for reasons known only to yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon November 24, 2011 7:11 PM said "The person requesting the vote is not a member in good standing and should not be allowed to run for the board. I live on her block and she does nothing but cause trouble for her neighbors."

You should know that the WPOA's favorite term they used to deny the right to vote or hold office "member in good standing" has been rendered illegal by a new Texas law that went into effect on 9/1/2011, you should do your homework.

This law and some others were passed and signed into law to prevent abuse and the denial of civil rights by POAs in the State. Frankly, this was passed to stamp out fascist attitudes like yours. Your statements are exactly why there will be more laws passed to prevent your type from having any control over your neighbors. You are a prime example of why WPOA should go away, especially since you appear to be Board member. If you aren't then you should be because you have the characteristic attitude of one. There will be more laws passed in the next legislature; hopefully one of the many will be a law to outlaw POAs foreclosing on Homesteads.

By the way, there WERE 2 people that requested the vote and were ignored because the President knew the proposal by WSP would pass. Since you have seen fit to trash the lady that requested the vote you should know that the other requester was from Mr. Porterfield. You were probably so full of hate that you missed it.

The agenda was not approved by the members so it would be invalid in any case and was only used as a flimsy excuse to prevent passage of a proposal that would have been good for the whole subdivision.

It ain't over yet because it will certainly become an issue in the current campaign for the election of 3 new Directors. This will be a very pivotal election and hopefully Property Owner Advocate candidates will be elected.

The Gadfly said...


Well, "The fat was in the fire"!

It was Court Room drama at its best. The W.P.O.A.'s General Membership Meeting of November 19, 2011 was a showdown between the major players; Hays County, Wimberley Springs Partners and the W.P.O.A. and last but not least the hapless North Woodcreek Property Owners were in attendance.

At issue: Road ownership, maintenance, and money.

Regrettably, no observers or participants from the "Backwater Neighborhoods" of Eagle Rock and "Habitat Hill" were there to experience how some members of the W.P.O.A.'s Board conduct business. Out of sight, out of mind.

Board Members DuAnne Redus and Richard Sullivan distinguished themselves from the other Board Members by voicing their support for the standing trilateral agreement on the roads. DuAnne expressed her disappointment in the Boards intransigent position and lack of responsibility in representing the Property Owners best interests. For details of the meeting, consult the Board minutes or for a more accurate account, there is a DVD available. Will the producer please log on and tell interested folks how to get a copy.

Also, up for discussion was the upcoming elections for three (3) Board positions. This time around, nominations from the floor, a rare but welcome change from the usual incestuous practice of appointments and nominations made by sitting Board Members. Therefore, ballots will be mailed and e-mailed to the Membership.

For inquiring minds:

Appointed Board Member Sally Caldwell and former Hays County Judge Liz Sumter have been nominated by the Boards Nomination Committee. These nominees are both heavy duty government types. Sally Caldwell was Chief Engineer in the controversial incorporation of Wimberley and a former City of Woodcreek Council Member.

Food for thought:

The apparent effort by some Board Members and Office Staff to void the agreement with the County and Developer sets the stage for THE DUBIOUS retraction of the road dedications and the board regaining ownership of the roads. The roads ownership is the linchpin for incorporating North Woodcreek.

The table is being set.

The Gadfly ^0^

M.M.Trent said...

In reply to the allegation made in the post by one who styles himself as "gadfly". My name is Marilyn (Mickey) Trent. That is my real name. I do not hide behind  a pseudonym. I was on the committee that nominated three candidates to serve on the WPOA Board of Directors. I am not now nor have I ever been a member of that board and I call upon "gadfly" to step forward to correct that lie. I also call upon him to crawl out from under his rock and explain who he is and what is in it for him by purposely distorting information about the nominating process.

Perhaps those who have been around long enough to recall car damaging potholes and money wasting temporary repairs will acknowledge the work of the WPOA in bringing our roads up to county standards so that they could come under county maintenance,

A Fire Storm indeed, but a contrived one intended to cast aspersions on the association and by extension on all of us as members. Don't be fooled. If control of the roads passes to developers, we can be sure of increased maintenance fees and who know what else.

Come on out from under your rock, brother "gadfly" and explain your motivation.

The Gadfly said...

M.M. Trent said, "I am not now nor have I ever been a member of that board and I call upon "gadfly" to step forward to correct that lie."

No one ever said you were a member of the board Madam; in fact your name was never even mentioned or eluded to, so I am stepping forward to correct you calling it a lie when it was never said. You need to retract that lie. Wipe your glasses and read it again. Gadfly does not reside under a rock; he flies high and is proud of not being part of the WPOA's club of cronies as you seem to be.

Gadfly's motive is for Truth and the American Way.

Lois Lane said...

Hey I thought Superman went back to Krypton!
Gadfly I think you have the WPOA confused with Metropolis.
Please clean your glasses you accused the board of appointing nominees by sitting board members. This is not true. There was one retiring board member and two property owners on the nominating committee.
Why are you attacking the WPOA what have they done to you?

Merry Merian said...

Re: the DVD of the Nov 19th WPOA meeting

The WPOA Board has not authorized the production or distribution of a DVD of any general meeting and, therefore, the Board cannot attest to the validity or authenticity of any DVD offered.

However a tape recording of the Nov 19th meeting is available at the WPOA office. This tape is here for anyone who wishes to listen to it.

Please feel free to come by the WPOA office during office hours Monday thru Friday, 9am thru 3pm, to listen to this tape.

Merry Merian, President WPOA

M.M..T. said...

Indeed "gadfly" did not mention a name, but as the quote below clearly shows his lie about nominations being made by sitting board members.

..." up for discussion was the upcoming elections for three (3) Board positions. This time around, nominations from the floor, a rare but welcome change from the usual incestuous practice of appointments and nominations made by sitting Board Members."

It appears that "gadfly" fancies himself as Superman promoting truth, justice and the American Way". We might grant him justice and the American Way, but as for truth....well, that is another matter.

Let's peek under "gadfly's" cape and look for his real motivation.

My real name is the same and we still don't know either who is "gadfly" or his real motivation. Come on out of the phone booth, ubermench, and let us have a look at you.

Anonymous said...

How little "gadfly" knows of his/her neighbors! And how disrespectful of our neighbors in Eagle Rock to suggest that
they are from "Backwater Neighborhoods"--Eagle Rock and "Habitat Hill"! If the "gadfly" knew those neighbors, he/she would know that some of those folks WERE at the November 19th meeting! What detestable, repugnant, offensive remarks to make about one's neighbors! Shame on the "gadfly"!

MMT said...

E. "gad"...I cleaned the glasses and found that you don't know the difference between elude and time look it uo before you toss it around.

Your friendly neighborhood English major....

Anonymous said...

Answer this Mr Porterfield...Why do you care what roads the WPOA turns over to the county? The roads you are so upset about are 8 dead end cul de sacs and one circular road that the county has turned down twice as being too narrow. None of these roads benefit the WSCA. What are you getting out of this deal?

Anonymous said...

Hear! Hear! MMT! So lovin' the words correction!!

Anonymous said...

Being that the "circular" road in Woodcreek North has, once again, been taken out of the County "takeover" equation, how many homes would this then serve? Surely not the 95 suggested by Mr. Porterfield.

Anonymous said...

You sound like a bunch of children! The importance of the spelling correction or word usage somehow eludes me. If that is all you can come up with your position is weak indeed. The circular road which you alluded to has a name and it is "Ridgewood Circle". That road was at the top of the list that Hays County supplied quotes for in the list provided by Mr. Porterfield in his proposal made October 20 to the Board. The quote was supplied by the County, so the fact is that they will accept it as stated. The list was sent by e-mail on October 13 and was given to every Booard member at the October meeting. Maybe you missed it while you were parsing messages for typos.

The roads proposed by WSP and quoted by Hays County were;

-Round Bluff
-Arrow Point

Calling it a "circular road" instead of Ridgewood Circle, was a not so clever trick to achieve plausible deniability. It didn't work.

Saying Ridgewood Circle was taken out of the equation is a BIG FAT LIE! You people are really getting desperate! I await your next lie.

Maybe you should start figuring out how you are going to explain to the property owners, the WPOA's obscene $119,725 or 43% of their income of $290,155, spent on administrative costs instead of maintaining our roads.

Anonymous said...

MMT said, " time look it uo before you toss it around." LOL, maybe you were my English teacher. LOL

MMT said...

A gadfly by any other smells no sweeter. However, you got it right this time. Congratulations! You are teachable, if not reachable.

Anonymous said...

Whatever! You still did not answer my question. Why does Mr Porterfield care which roads the WPOA turns over to the county? What is he getting out of this?

Anonymous said...

Re: Ridgewood Circle. See Commissioners Court video of March 16, 2010 as to why Commissioner Conley removed Ridgewood Circle from the list. Furthermore, he stated at the WPOA General Meeting he was removing it from consideration due to the width of the road.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much WSP is paying Gadfly to sit on the WPOA Board in order to promote their plan to divide and conquer?

Gadfly has done nothing for the good of the community. Nor has his good buddy, Winton Porterfield.

Anonymous said...

Per Commissioner Conley, Ridgewood Circle has been taken out of the equation.

Anonymous said...

Ever check roads within WSP "confines", specifically on the other side of Laurel Lake? The ones you cannot see unless you happen live back there? Neither the County nor WSP seems to care much about those. Amenities? A postage-stamp sized pool and clubhouse "members" must jump through hoops to use. READ snd comprehend ALL about WSP on its webpage along with its 140+ pages of deed restrictions. That is what WSP does for the Community.

Retired State worker said...

Just because the road dept gives a quote does not mean that the commissioners court will accept the road. A quote is just an estimate not a binding contract.

Lois Lane said...

Lets see WSP is concerned that the WPOA property owners will not have to every pay for road maintenance. So WSP is demanding that WPOA spend the WSP's maintenance fees on bringing the WPOA's roads up to county standards. Right so far?

OK answer this WSP! How many roads have "YOU" brought up to county standards for WSP property owners and turned over to the county, THAT were not done with WPOA maintenance fees?

Sounds like you care more for WPOA property owners than you do for your own property owners.

Any one want to buy a lot on the back side of WSP near Laurel Lake?....... That's what I thought. Looks like I am stuck with it.

A Property Owners Advocate said...

Just wondering what do you antagonists have against the property owners that live in Ridgewood Circle to deny them a better road? Will Conley NEVER said that Ridgewood Circle has been taken out of the equation or anything similar. The liar knows it. If you don't believe me, call him and ask him. His Cell is 512-738-1079. It really doesn't matter now.

Read This Closely,

The truth is that this debate is over, the WPOA Board, Road Committee and its favored Road Contractor have won and we Property Owners have lost. None of the 9 roads will be brought up to County Standards or taken over by the County. The property Owners will continue to pay thousands of dollars to see their roads repaired and rebuilt to less than County Standards only to be done over and over again on your nickel.

Be sure and thank the WPOA Board, its President and Employees for this outcome. IT IS OVER PEOPLE!

WPOA property owner said...

Ridgewood Circle was redone two years ago to county standards. It is in good shape. If you don't believe it then go drive it yourself and then make up your mind.

Anonymous said...

Since the fight appears to be over and the WPOA has won by screwing the property owners I am not giving up.

First of all I will not vote for the 3 WPOA Nominating Committee Selected Candidates for Director. There are 4 other choices that we can be sure are not in the pocket of the Board.

Second; I will delay paying my Maintenance Fees to the last minute and maybe even longer so as to deny them my money that they will use against us Property Owners and meet their over-the-top payroll. In other words, a good old American BOYCOTT. Interestingly my Section's Deed Restrictions do not contain a due date for Maintenance Fees eliminating a cause for them to charge late fees. In fact I might not pay them at all.

I hope others will join this Boycott. Let's see how they like being screwed by the property owners. I wonder how many substandard roads their Contractor will build on promises. And there is always that expensive payroll of theirs they have to meet.

Anonymous said...

If the contractor the WPOA uses is substandard then why do several of the surrounding counties and Hays county use him for road work. Just ask the Hays county road committee. Since you seem to know so much about this contractor then you need to ask him for references like the WPOA did.
I am sure you will demand to know which counties use him and in the interest of fairness I will tell you if you give me your name.
You post yours and I will post mine.

Anonymous said...

Now I know who you are! There is only one section that does not list a time to pay their fees.

Anonymous said...

Wrong, Paranoid Breath. The first 5 sections I checked on the WPOA Website did not have a due date for Maintenance Fees. So you don't really know squat. I guess none of the members in those sections will be receiving a late notice or have to pay any late fees. Why are you so obsessed about who blogs here?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I sit on the john for just a few minutes and what happens?

The Roundup gets over 50 comments in this post.

Well, here is my late input:

I sure like living outside of WPOA. Not because of WPOA, but because of ATI. What a ripoff.

BOHICA said...

Diverting attention to ATI is a common tactic for the Board and Employees to use when things get too hot. While ATI is a significant rip-off, only the TCEQ can rein them in and it has not seen fit to do so. You will certainly hear the meaningless word "Standing" ad nauseam when the WPOA again pushes the Incorporation issue for the fourth time as expected next year. It is expected because of the two pro-incorporation politicos they nominated for the Board this time.

The Gadfly said...

"Come out Swinging"

I feel compelled to rebut my detractors on the W.P.O.A. Board et. al. individually.

M. Mickey Trent, with whom I bear no family resemblance, refers to me as brother as in "Brother Gadfly". I will refer to her as "Sister Mickey".

Sister Mickey takes issue in my report FIRESTORM referring to the Boards (W.P.O.A.) participation in the appointment and nomination process for the Boards Directors.

Sister Mickey was not identified as a board member past or present. If fact, it never occurred to me to mention her at all. Sister Mickey might consider nominating herself for the Current Board. She'd be a good fit.

Sister Mickey took my anonymous wingman to task for the misuse of the word "ELUDED" instead of ALLUDED, when he defended my report. He has since been grounded for a week for that grammatical over site. However, he bears no resentment and he still thinks me Magnificent. Evidently, while the sister was plodding through the E's as in Elude and A's as in Allude in the dictionary, she stumbled on the U's as in "UO". She being a self proclaimed English Major and a "Friendly One" at that, thought that "UO" was an appropriate "word" to use in a sentence. Gee, where was the anonymous Hear! Hear! MMT! So lovin' the words correction!!! Gal when you need her.

The "Lovely Lois Lane" pipes up. Lois, who doesn't know Krypton from the planet Pluto, (No wonder Superman dumped her) charges the Gadfly with accusing the board of appointing nominees by sitting board members. Lois says, "This is not true". There was one and two property owners on the nominating committee".

Rebuttal: The retiring, but not retired board member who is currently serving on the Board - and on the Nominating Committee is Linda Germain, a Sitting Board Member. The Gadfly does not suffer fools gladly.

The not so merry, Merry Merian, La Presidente grande de los W.P.O.A., instructs property owners not in attendance at the General Membership Meeting of November 19, 2011, to ignore any independent record (D.V.D. etc.) of the meeting and rely solely on the W.P.O.A.'s "Official" audio tape. Just stop on by the office and give a listen. Yea, especially you younger property owners and those who don't recall the Nixon presidency.

Now, has Everyone received their ballots by Mail or E-mail? If not, maybe you've been naughty and not nice, and it's considered not nice if you question the W.P.O.A.

So, get in touch with those friendly informative folks if your ballot didn't arrive. Brace yourself; lame excuses will be the order of the day.

Please note: Perhaps a revision of terms is in order. In addressing the attendance or lack there of from the "Backwater Neighborhoods" of Eagle Rock and "Habitat Hill" at the last general meeting, the term in the future will be referenced as the Neglected Neighborhoods of Eagle Rock and "Habitat Hill". The Gadfly desires not to offend.

Please note again: My anonymous wingman is my staunch ally in our mutual quest for Truth, Representation and the American Way and all that supports those ideals. My quest is my motivation.

So, the answer to the question proffered by Lois Lane and the other members of her coven as to the Gadfly's motivation, it won't be found under a rock, in a phone booth, under superman's cape or his codpiece, so quit looking there; it is to be found only in those ideals.

You "Fly Swatters" be aware: The true flight of insight and the clarion call is not that of a bird, nor that of a plane, and no, Lois Lane, it's not your Superman coming back for you. You're history.

And No, Sister Mickey, it's not your ubermench in red underwear and blue tights come back to furl you in his cape. You too, are history.

NO, IT's, IT's Gadfly The Magnificent!!!