Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blanco County grand jury in session today

Update: Friday Aug. 14
The grand jury recessed yesterday. No indictments or other action was announced. The RoundUp has learned, however, that this grand jury, which was to have ended this month, is likely to remain seated for an additional 90 days. We can only wonder whether the grand jury is hot on the trail of more charges and/or other offenders?

We are informed that the grand jury is now in session, the same grand jury that last month handed down two indictments in its investigation of past mismanagement of the Pedernales Electric Co-op. Folks wondered whether any other dominoes would fall after the indictments of former general manager Bennie Fuelberg and former top PEC attorney Walter Demond, or whether the case was closed. We'll soon see. Stay tuned.

Also coming at the PEC, the next board of directors meeting will be taking a look at the results of an extensive in-house audit. More coming on that, too, as it becomes available.

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